Freshly Brewed Tank Beer Comes to Quay Four!

Castle 1895 Draught

I’ve got great news for beer drinkers; Quay Four, in partnership with Castle1895 Draught has just launched its very own tank beer dispensary! A first in Africa, the tank beer system allows beer drinkers to enjoy the freshest beer in town, straight from the brewery. I popped down to the tank beer launch at Quay Four last night to get the low-down on this awesome new trend and find out why you should be drinking tank beer. Keep reading to find out what tank beer is (don’t worry I didn’t know either) and find out more about the unique concept.

The first thing you need to know about tank beer is that it’s the freshest beer you can drink outside of a brewery. Instead of the beer going on a merry journey from the brewery to the dispensary and bottling system it’s simply loaded into a specially designed truck and shipped off to the outlet within hours of being brewed. This distribution process of beer usually takes about 2 weeks so being able to drink a freshly brewed beer like this is quite a treat. Trust me, it might sounds gimmicky but you have not tasted beer this crisp in all your life (unless you brew your own beer at home).

Castle1895 Tank Beer

The tank beer trend is quite common in Europe and has also just been launched in Australia. Besides being the freshest beer in town tank beer is also a godsend for bar owners with limited space. The tanks allow bar and restaurant owners to get rid of space hogging kegs and instead offer up a ‘beer theater’ of sorts. At Quay Four they have two 500 litre copper tanks in the middle of the restaurant which hold the same amount of beer as 50 kegs! It’s quite a site to see.

I also loved that the tanks allow the outlet to get rid of CO2 usually used to dispense the beer from the kegs – tank beer is pushed out of the tanks using compressed air making it less gassy and carbonated and more easy drinking. And, because tank beer is usually served at high volume draught selling outlets, the beer is also unpasteurized and doesn’t require as many preservatives to keep it fresh.

Castle1895 Tank Beer

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So what’s the verdict? You have to try this beer to understand why it’s so great. You really can taste the freshness of the beer when it arrives at your table. The beer is also super easy drinking which I loved – I managed to drink a 500ml larger in almost no time at all which for me is quite something. I usually steer clear of larger as I find it too heavy but the Castle1895 tank beer is light and goes does easier than some of the sweeter beers I usually drink. I also compared the bottled version of the Castle1895 beer to the tank draught and there was a huge difference!.

The Castle1895 Draught tank beer is now available at Quay Four and Ferrymans Tavern at the Waterfront and Forresters Arms in Newlands.

For more info on tank beer and new outlets say Hi to Castle1895 on Facebook.

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