If You Only Buy One Thing This Year Make it a Sanders Duvet!

Sanders Bedding

If there’s one thing I never joke about it’s sleep. Sleep and I have a very special relationship and there’s is nothing in this world that could break us apart. In fact if I get anything less than 8-hours sleep in a night then I am dead to the world the next day. Which is why a visit to the Sanders showroom completely changed my life … and the future of my bank balance. Trust me when I say that; if you only buy one thing this year make it a Sanders duvet because once you’ve experienced the softer side of German engineering that Sanders offers clients you will never ever go back.

When I started off this year my goal was to save up enough money for an overseas trip to Thailand. Now, after visiting Sanders my goals have been shifted. I am now saving up to buy my very own Sanders bedding and I won’t stop until my dreams have come true. But why all this excitement over some bed linen? Well, it’s quite simple really, there is no linen in the world quite like this and since all I’ve ever wanted in life is to have a bed as comfy as the ones you find in hotels it’s quite clear that I should be saving up to make my bedroom a Sanders paradise.

Sanders Bedding

The Sanders showroom in Cape Town’s Salt River offers sleep enthusiasts a one-stop shop for high quality bedding. Combining science and technology the Sanders range of duvets, pillows, mattresses covers, mattresses and more allow you to create your perfect bed. The showroom also offers a range of local products that complement the sophisticated imported ranges as well as top quality bed linen to finish off the luxurious experience. But what does engineering have to do with something as simple as duvets, pillows and mattresses? Using innovative engineering methods Sanders produce duvets that contribute to better sleep patterns, optimum relaxation and well-being. Pimp your bed with this stuff and poor sleep will be a thing of the past.

Their patented duvets are the lightest in the industry and only when you pick up one of their duvets will you realise how heavy the one you have at home is! There’s a reason their duvets are used in some of the leading hotels around the world and in South Africa. Clients can visit the Sanders showroom and, with the help of their super knowledgeable team choose from a range of duvets filled with luxurious duck down, goose down and feathers. I loved the ClimaBalance Down Duvet (filled with 90% white new down and 10% feathers – priced from R3199) which makes use of climate zones to ensure that the duvet is never too warm or too cold; the Hotel Premier duvet (filled with 15 new down and 85% feathers – from R949) which gives that luxurious ‘puffed up’ look and the Couples Duvet (filled with 70% down and 30% feathers) which has a different amount of filling on each side to accommodate each partners needs and ensure that neither partner is too hot or too cold.

Sanders Bedding

The range of pillows and other bed accessories was also something to behold and I loved that Sanders has a pillow to suit your specific needs and likes. Everyone has different needs when it comes to pillows and while some might light an extra soft pillow others might prefer a firm pillow with lots of support. Their pillows are too luxurious for words and I loved the 3-Chamber Pillow which offers 100% white new duck feathers in the inside chamber and 90% new duck down with 10 goose feathers in the inside chamber (from R399).

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Once you’ve got the duvet and the pillows you will need to top it all off with a mattress topper. This is a must-have and you won’t believe the difference it will make in the comfort level of your bed. The ClimaBalance topper offers support for the body and works with the duvet to ensure you have the perfect climate while you’re sleeping (from R1599) whereas the Feather/Down and Microfibre topper (which is filled with soft goose feathers or Microfibre) offers a super luxurious sleep experience (from R2399). And, if you really want to go all out then you can also invest in a Sanders mattress – I lay down on one of these for 10 minutes and didn’t want to get up. They are beyond comfortable and would turn any bedroom into a sleep haven of note.

If you’re keen to know more about this incredible range of bedding then pop into the Sanders showroom at 33 Salt River Road, Salt River, Cape Town. 

You can also visit the Sanders website or say Hi to Sanders South Africa on Facebook for more information on the range.

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