Fria’s Superfoods Make Healthy Eating a Treat! [Review]

Fria's Superfoods

I recently did a DNA test that confirmed something I’ve secretly known all along – I’m a serial snacker. I basically have what’s called the buffet gene and the snack gene which in lay mans terms means there’s a little chubby kid inside me just waiting to be set free. Forget retiring to a beach resort  my dream is to spend my days sitting on the couch eating Chease Naks, fingers coated in artificial ‘chease’ dust, with a TV remote in one hand and a glass of Pepsi in the other. But, because I’d also like to live past the age of 50, in reality I have to keep my snacking under control. Or at least ensure I’m eating healthy snacks that put good-for-you stuff into your body. Since artificial cheese dust and high fructose corn syrup aren’t listed as food groups on that fancy-pants inverted triangle they showed us in primary school I’m always on the look out for healthier snack options that will satisfy my inner chubby kid and help keep my body in tip top shape. Which is why I was so damn excited to discover Fria’s Superfoods a range of moreish treats designed to make your mouth water and your body say; “more of that please!”

Fria’s Superfoods is basically every snack fiend’s dream come true. The locally owned delicatessen specialises in wholesome treats that are beyond delicious and packed with superfoods and protein, to help keep you feeling fuller and satisfied for longer. What’s more, the snacks are also free from flour, added sugar, eggs, and dairy. The range includes delights like lemon bliss balls, matcha mint and liquorice balls, sweet potato brownie balls, black bean truffles and peppermint mousse cake cups that will not only have your taste buds tingling but your mind all sorts of confused trying to figure out how something that tastes this good isn’t bad for you.

Fria's Superfoods
Owned and run by super woman herself, Fria Hiemstra, Fria’s Superfoods is a local success story of note. When she’s not working her super demanding day job as an actuary, Fria breathes, eats, and sleeps the Fria’s Superfoods brand. Fria and her team of merry helpers work after hours at night and in the early hours of the morning to create the range of delicious treats and deliver them to hungry customers and select retail stores in the Cape. As a result of her hard work, the brand has grown from strength to strength over the last few months and I have no doubt that very soon the name Fria’s Superfoods will be on everyone’s lips.

I got the chance to try a box of Fria’s treat and loved every bite of the experience. While you’re not really supposed to eat a whole box of these treats in one sitting I was on a time crunch to get through them all before the expiry dates ruined my party. The Fria’s snacks are preservative free so they need to be kept in the fridge and only have a shelf life of about 2 or 3 days hence the rush to eat an entire box of treats all in the name of research.

Fria's Superfoods
The Sweet Potato Brownie Balls (with sweet potato, dates, almonds, oats, and Cacao) and the Snickers Cake Cup (with peanut butter, dates, red skin peanuts, toasted coconut, and Cacao) were definitely my favourites of the lot. I loved the sweet potato balls because they weren’t as sweet as some of the other treats and they had an incredible texture to them. The combination of sweet potato, dates, and Cacao in these bite sized treats was a real delight and I will definitely be buying them again next time I need a sweet pick-me-up.

As for the Snickers Cake Cup, it was a taste sensation of note! If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to chocolate bars, you’re in luck because these cups of joy will help to keep your chocolate cravings at bay. A peanut lover’s dream come true, you’ll need to be careful with these because once you try it you’ll be obsessed and you can’t exactly eat one of these cake cups every day because while they’re packed with good-for-you stuff, they’re also calorie dense (2507kj per 130g serving).

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Fria's Superfoods
I also adored the Lemon Bliss Balls – these zesty bites are great for those who love tangy treats with a hint of sweetness. Another winner was the Coffee Choccie Workout bar which I used as a pick-me-up before heading to gym in the morning. Made with real coffee beans, to give you a natural energy boost, and Vibrant Health ProMatcha protein powder, to give you muscle building oomph, this delicious bar is the perfect breakfast or pre-gym treat.

The great thing about the Fria’s range is there something to suit every taste – whether you’re a chocolate lover, nut fanatic, or sweet toothed snack ‘o holic, you’re bound to find something you’ll love in this range of healthy treats. If you want to get your hands on Fria’s handmade delights you can order them online for delivery or pop into select Wellness Warehouse stores (Lifestyle on Kloof and Wellness Warehouse Cavendish) as well as Spars (Vredehoek and Sea Point) to grab a treat on the go.

For more information visit the Fria’s Superfoods website or say Hi to Fria’s on Facebook.

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