Gatti Ice Cream Now Available At Checkers Stores!

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Gatti’s Ice Cream is the stuff childhoods are made of. This down-to-earth brand is all about fun and family and is well known in the Western Cape for selling affordable, great quality ice cream lollies, sorbets and scoops to the masses. The great news is getting your hands on their legendary ice lollies is now easier than ever because Gatti Ice Lolly packs are now available at Checkers and Shoprite stores!

Up until now, the brand has enjoyed a bit of a cult following as it wasn’t available in massive supermarkets, online through small vendors (think corner cafés and the like) and Gatti’s Ice Cream factory stores, but last week Gatti made the announcement that their delicious ice cream lollies would now be available at Checkers and Shoprite stores across the Western Cape!

gatti ice cream feature

The brand is launching three of their cult favourites into Checkers and Shoprite stores in the Cape with favourites like Jolly Jelly, Choc-O-lina, and Surf Joy now available in 6 packs.

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If you’ve never had a Gatti’s ice lolly before now is the time to get involved and try them. Trust us, they’re beyond delicious and so affordable it’s crazy. The new 6-pack lollies are selling for R24.99 (that’s just over R4 a lolly!) – a price so good it hurts!

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