Grow Your Own Veggies on Your Windowsill or Balcony with Raw! [Review]

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Just because you don’t live in a house with plenty of outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden – especially not a veggie garden! We’d all love to grow our own, organic fruit and veggies at home but living in an urban environment isn’t always the most conducive to growing things (it probably has something to do with all that concrete and high-rise buildings). But now, thanks to local company, RAW, you don’t need to own acres of farmland in order to grow your own produce – they’re all about promoting urban gardening and I for one am a huge fan! Here’s everything you need to know about starting a garden on your kitchen windowsill, balcony, or anywhere else in your home.

Ok so, full disclosure, you should probably know that I am a murderer of plants. Every plant I’ve ever owned has met its demise and no matter how hard I try it’s always the same result. I always feel a sense of doom when someone gifts me with a plant and while I should probably decline and explain that no plant is safe with me I always convince myself that this time will be different and by golly tens of plants later and it finally is! My little RAW tomato plant is flourishing on my kitchen windowsill and I’m actually shocked. So shocked in fact that I am now considering bring more veggie plants into the fold (gasp!).

Raw living

With over 40 different seed varieties in the RAW launch range, there are plenty of other veggie options for me to choose from. RAW ensures that your veggie garden is a work of modern (and edible) art with beauties such as the rainbow beetroot, zebra tomato and mardi gras beans. Their seeds are perfect for container gardens or small-space growing and consist of non-GMO and Heirloom varieties. The thing I love most about RAW is that looking after your garden is so super easy even a plant murderer like me can do it. Each seed packet comes with easy-to-follow care instructions to make sure your seeds grow into healthy fruit-bearing plants.

It’s also very cost-effective – the seed packets are super affordable and of course, once your plant starts yielding veggies, you’ll save a bunch of money on shopping for fresh veggies at your local supermarket or weekly fresh produce market. “We are constantly looking for ways to better look after ourselves and our loved ones but sometimes that comes at a cost and a demand,” says Marlaen Straathof, Marketing manager of RAW. “Eating healthy can be expensive and time-consuming when it comes to shopping. RAW offers a solution to both concerns by providing consumers with cost-effective and easy way to ensure the kitchen is stocked with fresh produce regularly.”

Raw living

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So from the gardener who wants to spice things up with some serious chili to the aspiring chef who cooks and experiments with different herbs at every meal, RAW offers a solution. RAW is the urban dweller’s answer to the strain of hitting the store daily for fresh produce and the seasoned gardener’s dream when it comes to variety. Plus, for those who love having a little greenery in their home, these plants add a dash of colour to your home (just imagine all those colourful chillies on your stoep), and, of course, you get to be kinder to the environment one seed at a time.

The range of RAW seeds are available at selected garden centres nationwide at R30 – R39 per packet, depending on the seeds you buy. For more information visit the RAW Living website or say Hi to RAW on Facebook

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