How to Add CBD to Boost Your Daily Beauty Routine

Cannabidiol or CBD is infused in various products such as oil, topicals, food, and now beauty products. The emergence of CBD skincare has introduced several new types of CBD infusions designed to promote healthy skin.

In this article, we will discuss how to add CBD to your daily skincare routine seamlessly. Whether you choose to utilise your existing CBD or search for a new CBD skincare cream, we will cover how to buy a quality product.

The Rise of CBD Beauty Products

After the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018, CBD products exploded. Different types of CBD infusions flooded gas stations, head shops, and e-commerce stores. Some proved to be beneficial; others fizzled out over time.

The latest infusion to gain broad market adoption is in the skincare space. Hemp cannabinoids and significant cosmetics companies have experience success combining CBD with other beneficial all-natural ingredients to promote healthier skin.

CBD creams and lotions are used to hydrate and add vibrancies to the skin. In addition, companies have developed serums, eye creams, CBD skin oil, moisturisers, and acne treatments to add the power of hemp to their existing product lines.

CBD Oil for Beauty – What We Know

Using CBD topically, whether it is to fight pain or skin conditions, is still not understood. We have access to countless anecdotal accounts of CBD creams changing the lives of individuals, but we lack the double-blind clinical data to make any specific health claims. CBD oil for face or body blemishes or dry skin looks promising, but we are not quite there due to the lack of quality research.

CBD for women and the skincare space has seen demand increase over the past year. In addition, adding CBD to topicals and lotions can help boost the effectiveness of other natural ingredients commonly used in traditional skincare.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

While the health benefits of CBD oil are understood through decades of scientific research, applying CBD topically has a long way to go. When we ingest CBD, it travels into the bloodstream and then is distributed throughout the endocannabinoid system. As a result, CBD increases endocannabinoid production, delivering numerous health benefits.

Our skin is much less permeable than CBD oil sublingually, and we have not thoroughly researched the effect directly on a problem area. Anecdotal accounts suggest that CBD can treat various issues, but the clinical research for topicals has not been executed.

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Adding a CBD Beauty Booster to Your Routine

We suggest taking a multifaceted approach when using CBD oil for skincare. Take a consistent CBD oil dose sublingually to promote endocannabinoid production and use CBD-infused skincare treatment. The combination will give you the best opportunity to see results.

Many CBD skincare advocates combine their regular moisturiser with their favourite CBD oil instead of buying a CBD skincare product. You will still deliver a significant dose of CBD topically but can potentially save money in the process.

Finding the Best CBD Company for Beauty Products

You can take two different approaches when buying CBD skincare products: buying from a cannabinoid hemp company or a traditional skincare manufacturer. Both routes can deliver benefits; it just depends if you want to support the CBD industry or an emerging corporation looking to capitalise on the increase in demand for CBD skincare products.

Traditional skincare companies do have more experience formulating products to tackle specific conditions. However, if you choose to buy from a skincare company, we highly recommend finding out where they source their CBD.

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