How to Choose the Perfect Glasses Frame for your Face Shape.

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If you wear glasses then you have no doubt dealt with the stress of having to choose a frame to flatter your face shape. We’ve all spent ages trying on EVERY pair of frames in the store and agonising over which one looks best but surely there must be an easier way? The truth is choosing the best frame for you is as easy as knowing your face shape and colouring and then doing a little bit of research on which frame shapes and colours best suit your features. If you’re still not convinced then check out these tips from Mellins i-Style on how to choose the best frame for your face shape.

“The one general principle you might want to remember is to create visual contrasts”, says Meriek van den Berg, an optometrist at Mellins i-Style. “The shape of your frame should actually be in contrast to the shape of your face to create a balance. This brings the overall appearance into harmony”.

Here are useful tips to select the best optical frame to complement the shape of your face:

Oval Faces:

Time to celebrate! You have the perfect face for spectacles and it will be easy for an optometrist to offer you a wide range of options. Virtually all frames will complement your look. However, beware of frames that are too generously proportioned on the sides or very small round spectacles. The best choice for you will probably be a rectangular design.

Round Faces:

For a round face try a distinguished frame that emphasises angles (i.e. square to slightly rectangular designs). These will give a round face added contours. Be bold and have fun with colours. Spectacles with a wider frame would also look good on you. Avoid soft, fine and rounded frames.

Triangular or Heart-Shaped Faces:

If you have a broad forehead or pointed chin then your best choices are definitely oval or rounded frames – or softer and flatter designs in subtle tones. The visual division of your face length by these spectacles will certainly enhance your look. Do not choose frames that are too small or that are too colourful.

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Longitudinal or Rectangular Faces:

Your chin and bottom jaw are your most distinguishing facial features. Spectacles will definitely enhance your look, as it visually divides your face. Your best options are spectacles with a wide bridge and low-sitting ear pieces. Oval frames will complement your face as long as you do not choose a style that is too small for you. Rimless spectacles with subtle contours could also be perfect for your face.

Square Faces:

In your case, the objective should be to stretch your face visually using your spectacles’ design. Chin, bottom jaw and forehead are your unique features. Try slightly round frames that are not too small and have a flat line design. Rimless spectacles might also provide a perfect fit. Avoid small spectacles and those that underscore corners.

For more tips on how to choose the best spectacles for you visit the Mellins i-Style website.

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