Hate the Taste of Coconut Water? We Bet Vita Coco Will Change Your Mind! [Review]

Vita coco

It’s major truth bomb time – I really, really don’t like coconut water. Forgive me but it’s hard to like something that tastes a little diluted, spoiled milk. I mean, every fibre of my being really wants to like coconut water – it’s an incredible hydrator, it helps to reduce inflammation, regulates blood pressure, and it’s chockful of essential minerals and mineral salts – but I just can’t stomach the stuff on its own. I see people downing a bottle of the stuff and can’t help but be both jealous of them and a little bit confused at the same time. But then, one fine day, a box of Vita Coco’s flavoured coconut water arrived on my doorstep and everything changed. This little box of goodness opened up a whole new world of coconut water to me and I couldn’t be more excited! If, like me, you loathe the taste of coconut water then you need to try these fruity flavoured coconut waters – trust me, it will change EVERYTHING!

There’s no doubt that coconut water has loads of health benefits so when the coconut water craze hit I was the first person to jump on-board the bandwagon. Sadly, after one taste of the stuff I jumped right off said bandwagon. It was a confusing time for me. I love all things coconut – I love those little tubs of fresh coconut slices from Woolies and would gladly have them over chocolate any day (I’m an odd sausage) – but coconut water just didn’t agree with my taste buds. Which is why I was so super excited about Vita Coco’s extended range of fruity coconut waters. The flavoured range includes Pineapple, Lemonade, and Peach & Mango and they’re all simply delicious.

Vita coco

My favourite flavour has to be the Pineapple flavour – a blend of coconut water (84%), pineapple puree (14%), coconut puree (2%), and vitamin C come together to create a refreshing instant luau in a bottle. It’s delicious on its own but is also a great addition to smoothies! The Peach and Mango flavour is also the perfect treat for warm summer days and is a blend of coconut water (87%), mango puree (9%), peach Puree (1%), and vitamin C. It has a stronger mango flavour but the peachy goodness is definitely there. And, for those who love something a little bitter-sweet, you have to try the lemonade flavour – a blend of coconut water and natural lemon puree – it’s chockful of electrolytes and will quench your thirst in an instant (*cough* it’s a great hangover cure too *cough*).

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The great thing about the Vita Coco fruity range is that while it only contains a small amount of fruit juice (keeping the sugar content low), that little amount completely changes the flavour profile of the coconut water. I could drink bottles and bottles of the fruity flavoured stuff and am now so excited to be firmly on-board the coconut water train. I love it so much that I actually crave a bottle of coconut water after a tough workout and am amazed at how quickly it helps to rehydrate you. The lemon flavour, in particular, is a lifesaver of note when you need a little extra pep in your step. I also found it helps to settle my stomach when I’m not feeling so great and a little birdy told me it’s a winner of note when you’re trying to recover from a stomach bug too!

The Vita Coco fruity flavoured coconut waters are available in a variety of sizes including 330ml, 500ml (pineapple only), and 1 litre (pineapple only) and are can be found at Woolworths stores, independent retailers, lifestyle and fitness centres at R24,95 for a 330ml bottle and R54,95 for the 1 Litre. For more information on Vita Coco South Africa visit their website.

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