How to Choose The Right STD Test For You

Sexually transmitted diseases have become incredibly common nowadays, and anyone sexually active is at risk of getting infected. It doesn’t matter whether you are gay, straight, as anyone sexually active can get infected. 

Some people do not feel comfortable talking about sex and its risk with a medical practitioner, while others feel reluctant to discuss their sex life with a doctor.

Recent statistics have shown a very high percentage of people carrying one sexually transmitted disease or the other. It is because so many people have no idea that they have already been infected. 

A substantial population of people infected with a sexually transmitted disease have unrecognizable symptoms that they may not notice for so many years. There are other people with a sexually transmitted disease without exhibiting any symptoms. 

Getting tested is the only way a person can be sure of being infected or not, but so many hospitals check the blood level of their patients but do not check if their blood is infected with an STD. 

People need to generally ask to get tested since checking if a person has STD isn’t a standard procedure in every hospital, and asking for an STD test might make a person feel embarrassed, depending on who the person is. 

It is responsible for the manufacture of several STD kits on the market, but all of these kits are not the same. An accurate STD test remains the one done at a hospital, but the difference between a doctor’s test and a home testing kit is you get to order the home testing kit online. 

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You will have to visit a laboratory to collect your urine or blood sample before sending them to the company for proper testing. 

The truth about these home testing kits is they might not be as accurate as tests conducted in a lab, but it is okay to discuss with a healthcare worker to identify which option will be best for you. This guide will show you how to choose the right STD testing kits for you. 

Listed below are some sexually transmitted diseases you should consider getting tested for;

STD You Should Get Tested For

  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Chlamydia
  • Trichomonas
  • Hepatitis B
  • Genital Herpes
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Reasons why opting for an STD tester app is good

  • It offers a piece of detailed information about the STD you are getting tested for
  • You can get tested for any STD without being worried
  • Results are obtained undoubtedly, and you can proceed to discuss with a healthcare worker for more information
  • The company that manufactured the home test kit will offer you a treatment option for any STD present in your body


Getting the correct result for an STD test using the STD health app depends on factors like the person’s medical history, risk of exposure, sexual history, and formerly conducted STD tests. Suppose you have been having sex with multiple partners. In that case, you must get tested immediately because detecting STD’s early helps to find the best possible treatment and reduce the possibility of infecting other people. 

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