Hudson’s Burger Joint Comes To Joburg [Review]

Hudsons Parkhurst

If there’s one Cape Town restaurant I have been waiting to come to Joburg it’s Hudsons! The boyfriend is nothing short of obsessed with the burger joint and for good reason; their burgers are off the wall amazing! Sure Cape Town isn’t exactly starving for gourmet burger restaurants but for some reason the trend hasn’t really taken off in Joburg – at least not enough to have a long list of gourmet burger restaurants so I have been waiting and wishing for someone like Hudon’s to come along and show Jozi how it’s done and boy did they succeed. Here’s why you need to check out the fabulous new Hudson’s Burger Joint in Parkhurst and then tell your friends all about it.

The thing I love most about Hudson’s is the laid back vibe; no matter which one you go to there’s always a friendly vibe and I love that the spot can go from being an eatery in the early evening to a sophisticated drinking hole by the end of the night. You see, Hudson’s isn’t the kind of spot you visit to eat and then leave an hour later, no it’s the kind of place you sit, have a bite and then enjoy a few drinks with your friends. There are no rules at Hudson’s – they don’t care what you do as long as you pay them a visit. You can pop in for nothing but after work drinks and some snacks with the girlfriends (their appetizers make for amazing drink nibbles!),  a relaxed dinner for two with the boyfriend or a friend’s birthday dinner for eight.

So now that we know that it is a fun place to visit let’s talk about the food. I’ve already told you that the food is incredible but I feel like I should tell you again; the food is incredible! The menu at the new Parkhurst joint really does live up to the Hudson’s name – it’s simple, yet delicious grub that you don’t mind getting your hands dirty for. Some of my favourites from the menu include the Triple Cheese Chili Poppers appetiser (if you don’t like cheese then don’t order this because it is cheese heaven on a plate – 3 for R44), The Hudson (a beef patty topped with mustard, mayo and a dill pickle – R48 for 180g) and the The Game (Ostrich patty topped with cranberry jelly, goat’s cheese and rocket – R74 for 200g).

If you can’t decide what you want to order then you can also order sliders (portions of three 3 mini burgers) – my favourite combo is the Tribeca Selection featuring ‘The Shroom’, ‘The Player’ and the ‘Boom Boom Burger’ (R64). Most of the dishes on the menu don’t come with sides so you’ll need to take your pick of Disco Fries (R26), skinny fries (R15), a house salad (R28), battered onion rings (R15), sweet potato crisps (R15) sweet potato wedges (R19) or sweet potato fries (R18). Most of the sides can be shared between two people and the boyfriend and I usually get a side to share along with our burgers. For dessert, make sure you indulge in the Deep Fried Oreos (with a buddy), you won’t be disappointed (R25).

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The drinks menu at Hudon’s is also super impressive. Their cocktails are to die for and I highly recommend you order the Mojito (R47) or the Pimms Cup (R38). They also have loads of craft beers on tap and by the bottle as well as a good selection of local and imported soft drinks.

Say Hi to Hudson’s on Facebook and visit the Hudson’s website for more information on the menu.

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