I Learned How to Cook the Perfect Steak at The Hussar Grill Masterclass! [Review]

Hussar Grill Steak Masterclass

It’s no secret that I am a BIG fan of The Hussar Grill. No really, I’ll wax lyrical about how their steaks are nothing short of epic to anyone who will listen. I don’t know how they do it but the restaurant chain is one of the few in SA that manages to keep their standards up no matter what – year after year, restaurant opening after restaurant opening you can always be sure that you’re going to get your money’s worth when visiting one of their eateries. But, possibly the best thing about The Hussar Grill is that they’re willing to share their kitchen secrets with their steak-loving customers. That’s right, unbeknownst to me, the group has been running steak masterclasses in Cape Town where their biggest fans can come together to learn the secrets of the trade, eat great steak and drink plenty of wine while they’re at it. As a HUGE fan of Hussar Grill I am almost ashamed it took me this long to find out about these classes but I finally got to attend one and I can tell you it’s everything you dream it would be and more. Here’s why you need to book your spot at the next The Hussar Grill Steak Masterclass in Cape Town!

The oh-so-fun classes are hosted in partnership with Silwood School of Cookery and are taught by The Hussar Grill grillmaster, Greg Bax as well as some of Silwood’s finest teachers and students. The classes are hosted in one of the kitchens at Silwood in Rondebosch and sees guests partner up with a buddy to learn how to cook the perfect Hussar Grill steak as well as a variety of delicious Hussar Grill sauces. We learned everything from how to time a steak to make sure our result was either medium rare, medium, or well done to how to wet-age our own steaks at home and what cuts of meat to look out for in the butchery. Of course, in between all the sizzling our grill master for the night also dropped a few golden nuggets of knowledge about South African meat. For example, did you know that South African grain fed beef has as little as 13% fat compared to a whopping 35% of USA beef?

Hussar Grill Steak Masterclass

In addition to learning to cook two beautiful steaks ( a rump and a sirloin) we also learned how to cook two sauces to accompany them. The first sauce we learned to make was a deliciously tangy Béarnaise sauce and the second The legndary Hussar Grill pepper sauce. I knew how to make a Béarnaise before attending the class but the Hussar Grill Steak Masterclass version is so super simple that I will definitely be making it that way from now. A perfect Béarnaise in less than 5 minutes? Yes please! The pepper sauce was also beyond yummy and I will definitely be showing off to family and friends with these at my next dinner party.

Hussar Grill Steak Masterclass

While you cook, there’s plenty of wine to savour and enjoy. At the classes, guests are treated to a selection of delicious wines by Ernst Gouws wines in Stellenbosch and the great news is, they’re not stingy on the wine at all (thank goodness for Uber!) Of course, if wine isn’t your thing then there are also plenty of soft drinks going. If you haven’t tried Ernst Gouws wines yet then this is a great opportunity to explore the range and get to know more about the varietals on offer. The wines really are fantastic so even if you don’t get the chance to attend the Masterclass it’s worth checking them out.

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Hussar Grill Steak Masterclass
All-in-all The Hussar Grill Steak Masterclass is a super fun night and one that I would definitely love to do again with family and friends. The class would make for a great option for a birthday celebration or even just a fun outing for meat lovers who want to learn how to enjoy restaurant-quality steak at home all the time. The classes take place once a month and are just R450 per person. Which is nothing when you consider that the price includes a Sirloin (with pepper sauce), Fillet (with Béarnaise sauce), a Rump (without a sauce), and plenty of wine!

Guests are welcome to book as individuals, in pairs, or in groups and the kitchen can accommodate 14 people per class. To book your spot call 0216864894 or email cooking@silwood.co.za. You can also find out more info on the class here. Don’t know much about The Hussar Grill? Read my review of The Hussar Grill here.

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