Mermaid Blankets Hit MRP Stores in South Africa!

MRP mermaid blankets

The first movie I ever saw on the big screen was The Little Mermaid. My parents bundled my three older brothers and I into an old combi and drove us down to the local drive-in where they essentially bribed my brothers into sitting through the movie with me. I loved every minute of it and for weeks after the screening my long-suffering brothers had to listen to me belting out the chorus to “under the sea” on repeat. I also became obsessed with mermaid tails and did all sorts of ridiculous things to look like Ariel (including fashioning a tail out of newspaper, my mother’s dresses, and anything else I could find). Now years later, my obsession with mermaids still lives on but my days of newspaper mermaid tails are behind me because mermaid tail blankets have officially arrived at MRP stores nationwide (eep!).

If you’ve been living under a rock somewhere (or under the sea) then you should know that mermaid blankets are all the rage right now. Sadly up until now, they’ve been super difficult to get in South Africa but ladies I’m here to tell you that you can forget about importing poor quality and super over-priced mermaid tails from overseas because you can now get them at MRP stores and online for just R249.99!

Available in pink and blue, these knitted mermaid blankets are perfect for both adults and children alike. They keep your legs warm and toasty when you’re reading, watching TV, or just lazing about and make you feel all sorts of magical when you’re doing something oh-so-ordinary. I own a blue MRP mermaid blanket and use it all the time. The blanket has an open tail (so you can pop your feet out if you like) and while you might think it would be a little restrictive (much like a sleeping bag) it’s actually super spacious inside. The blanket is cut with a longer flap at the front, to go over your lap and arms if you’re bundling up while the back is cut shorter so you don’t feel like you’re in a mermaid tail-shaped straight jacket.

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These ultra cute blankets are the perfect gift for a friend this winter and are sure to move off the shelves quickly. Click here to buy yours online at MRP now.

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