Must-Have Travel Gear for Your Next Local Travel Adventure

South Africa has moved to lockdown level 2 and inter-provincial travel is officially open for business. Which means it’s time to start planning your next family holiday. While international trips may still be off the cards for a while, we live in a beautiful country, with plenty of fantastic travel destinations just a short car ride away. Rather than dreaming of flying to overseas destinations, why not consider a road trip to a local hideaway for your next getaway?

In a country that has wide open spaces and endless coastlines, predictions are that “DIY” holidays are expected to become more popular than ever with caravanning, camping, road-tripping, slack-packing, hiking and even bicycle touring all high on the agenda. Richard Downey of SA Sport & Cargo, distributor of Swedish brand Thule explains, “Thule prides itself on enabling people to enjoy their active lifestyles by making it possible to travel simply, safely and in style. We are expecting motoring consumers to continue to rely on the brand for these solutions, albeit closer to home than before.”

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Whether you’re taking your family and lifestyle gear 100 or 1,000 kilometres away from home, it needs to be safely and securely mounted. All you need are a few essential travel items so you can hit the road for your next adventure ensuring all your gear and precious occupants arrive safely. Here are Downey’s list of must-have essentials for your next local road trip adventure:

It’s not inside, it’s on top

Thule travel

Make sure your family has everything they need for their travels without feeling overloaded with baggage. If you’ve got limited space in your car for luggage, specialised luggage carriers can help increase your packing space and ensure you pack everything you need for your road trip.

Thule offers a wide range of solutions for extra cargo. Choose between an extra-secure roof box or an open basket that’s perfect for bulkier cargo. Alternatively, you can go for a towbar-mounted cargo carrier that fits on the rear of the car and still gives you access to the boot. You could even combine a rooftop and a towbar carrier to take your carrying capacity to a new level.

Get out on the water

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For the water sport enthusiasts who dream of taking a trip to the coast, you’ll need a safe and reliable watersport carrier. Ensure you have the correct racks to load your kayak, canoe, surfboard or those essential fishing rods so that you’re ready to chase the waves and hit the beach.

Rack up those bikes

Thule travel

Bike riding together as a family is a great way to bond outdoors and makes exercise fun for the whole family while you’re exploring your new vacation spot. With a car bike rack, you can take your bikes anywhere you want. When buying a bike rack ensure that it has been thoroughly tested for your safety – and the safety of others on the road. There are various options available that can be mounted on your roof, towbar or on your trunk.

Gear up for your adventure

Thule travel

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Exploring South Africa on foot is one of the best ways to take in its unique landscapes, flora, and fauna. With so many beautiful hiking trails you’ll need a backpack that’s both durable, comfortable, and designed to fit your body and so you can just put all your concerns behind you and enjoy the day out.

We also can’t go too far without our laptop and all our tech gear these days. Make sure you throw in a versatile everyday backpack with protection for your tech gear. Opt for a backpack that is perfect for travelling or daily use exploring around town. A camera backpack is ideal for heading out on an adventure to ensure that you’re ready for that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

Take the kids along for the ride


There’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air and exploring nature with your little one, especially on long hikes. A child carrier gives your child the best view and a comfortable, secure ride. Whether you’re taking in the city sights or exploring a mountain path, you can share your passion with your kids.

If a child carrier isn’t your speed, a 3-wheeler stroller is perfect for getting around comfortably and safely with your baby in tow. For older children, a child bike seat will allow you and your most treasured possessions to enjoy everyday bike rides, safely, easily and in style – this type of equipment also offers a great opportunity to introduce children to the joys of biking!

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