This Healthy Convenience Food is a Dream if You Don’t Have Time to Cook! [Review]


Ladies, get ready to have your world turned upside down because today’s discovery is going to change the way you cook and give you more time to watch Keeping Up with The Kardashians, play with your kids, or finally start that book you’ve been dying to read! Whether you’re a busy mom, a social singleton or a just a clutz in the kitchen, finding the time or the motivation to cook a healthy meal for yourself or your family can be a chore of note. I’m lucky if I manage to cook just one healthy, warm meal for myself a day (does a boiled egg on toast count as a meal?) but, I’ve come to realise that it’s time I pull up my socks in the kitchen and take better care of myself. But, I must be honest, my new-found inspiration is actually in large part thanks to a new healthy and super convenient discovery. Local company, Nuveg, knows that preparing delicious home-cooked meals can be difficult so they’re offering a helping hand with their easy-to-prepare meals! Trust me, if you’re always too busy to cook then these will be a lifesaver in your home!


If you’re tired, hungry and craving delicious home-cooked food but have no time to slice, dice, steam, make or bake, then Nuveg’s range of appetising, and nutritious frozen dishes will change the way you eat! I know what you’re thinking, frozen food? Isn’t that more of a last resort? Not, at all! The Nuveg range is all kinds of amazing and the quality of the food once defrosted is excellent. The Nuveg meals have all been created from scratch the old-fashioned way and have been specifically designed for people always on the run, but who want to follow a balanced diet.

Developed by Nuveg CEO, Ivan Smook, each recipe is based on his family’s traditional South African recipes and use only the freshest ingredients. They are certified Halaal, contain no added MSG, powdered milk or cheese, and they have been modestly seasoned for people watching their salt or sugar intake. “We cook the healthy way but of course, you can add more seasoning to suit your palate if you need to,” says Smook. The range includes Creamed Spinach & Broccoli; Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce; Cauliflower Mash, a Veggie Variety Pack; Butternut With Cinnamon; Potato Baked in Cheese Sauce; Sweet Potato; Chicken Mayonnaise; and traditional Pampoenkoekies.


I got the chance to test out some of their meals and not only were they super delicious they also cut my time in the kitchen in half! I tried the Veggie Variety Pack, Chicken Mayonnaise, and traditional Pampoenkoekies at home and fell in love with them. The thing I love most about the Nuveg range is that the meals are frozen in individual portions so you can easily defrost as much as you need for your meal and leave the rest in the freezer for another day. The Veggie Variety Pack contains four veggie portions including individual portions of spinach & broccoli, sweet potato, butternut, and cauliflower. I loved being able to quickly bake a chicken breast in the oven and serve it with a Nuveg veggie portion in no time at all. The portions defrosted in about 2 minutes in the microwave and were super delicious. I also love that the veggie portions help to reduce wastage because you’re only cooking what you need each time.

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Nuveg Chicken Mayonnaise.

But, it was one of the latest additions to the range that really blew my mind – the frozen Chicken Mayonnaise portions. I’m quite sure this product is made using magic because how they got the mayo to defrost so perfectly each time is beyond me. In fact, it’s so good you wouldn’t even know it was previously frozen! Let’s be honest, mayonnaise doesn’t stand up well to freezing but the Nuveg dressing doesn’t change in texture when you subject it to a temperature change and the result is a smooth, creamy and very moreish chicken mayo every time. The Nuveg chicken mayo is made with boneless, skinless chicken breasts and is perfect for quick lunches at home or the office. When you’re ready for lunch, quickly defrost an individual portion (there are 4 portions in a pack) in the microwave and enjoy it between two slices of health bread, inside a wrap, or on top of Provitas. Of course, it’s also great for school lunches when you don’t have time to whip up something fancy for the kids the next day. If sarmies aren’t your thing then you can also add it to a yummy salad at the office.

Nuveg Pumpkin Fritters.

But wait, there’s more! Nuveg is also changing the game with their new Pampoenkoekies pack! I am beyond obsessed with Pampoenkoekies but I never have the time (or the inclanation) to make them myself. My mom used to make the most amazing Pampoenkoekies when I was a kid and I crave them all the time. Thanks to Nuveg I can now enjoy traditional Pampoenkoekies just like my mamma made whenever the craving hits. These oh-so-easy pumpkin fritters are super yummy and are packaged in individual portions so you can serve solo, with mains or even dress up with a drizzle of honey and ice cream and enjoy as dessert. There are 12 fritters in the pumpkin pack with portions packaged as two servings of six fritters each.

You can find the Nuveg range in Checkers, Foodlovers Market and selected Spar outlets nationwide. Nuveg pack prices start at around R26, rising to around R39, 99 for the chicken mayo pack of four. For more information on Nuveg visit their website or say Hi to Nuveg on Facebook.

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