One-Juice Introduces Delicious Ready-to-Blend Smoothie Packs! [Review]


Do you ever find that your day job makes you lazy in all other aspects of your life? I find that I work so hard during office hours that when it comes 6 o’clock all I want to do is treat myself to junk food and veg out on the couch! In fact, even a simple thing like making myself a healthy breakfast or lunch during the work day seems like a massive chore. Which is why I am super thrilled that the clever devils at One-Juice have launched a super convenient ready-to-blend smoothie range. I’m telling you, this new range of delicious, healthy smoothies has changed my life during the week. I got to try out the new range for a week and lunch time was suddenly stress-free and a pretty healthy affair, with almost no effort on my part at all – hallelujah!

If you’ve never heard of One-Juice before it’s time to get familiar. The Sea Point based juicery (with a brand in Greenside, Joburg as well!) is well-known amongst health nuts for their oh-so-yummy range of cold-pressed juices as healthy nutritious drinks or dietary supplements. The juicery also offers a range of detoxification and weight loss programs and I love that all their products are vegan and organic (where possible) and don’t contain any chemicals, added sugar, preservatives, gluten, pasteurization, or dairy or animal ingredients. And now, in their continued bid to provide South Africans with convenient and accessible nutritious meal alternatives, One-Juice , has launched a range of pre-portioned, flash frozen, super smoothies.

One-Juice smoothies

I love that the smoothies are made using whole fruit and vegetable ingredients and superfoods – which means they’re packed with stuff that is good for you! Plus, the fact that the smoothie packs are frozen makes sure that they continue to offer you the full benefits of the ingredients they contain. Many fruits and vegetables lose a significant amount of nutrients within a mere 3 days of picking. These products are immediately fresh frozen, helping to retain all of their nutritional value.

The smoothies are available for online ordering and home delivery via the One-Juice website and getting your smoothie fix is super easy. Simply click, order and your smoothies will arrive at your door. Once your box of frozen smoothies arrive, simply pop them in the freezer until you’re ready to us them. Making the smoothies is also a breeze! Just add the base of your choice (eg: coconut or almond milk, water, etc), blend within 30 seconds – and, voila, a healthy Super Smoothie whenever you fancy!

One-Juice smoothies

The One-Juice smoothies are beyond delicious and can serve as a meal on their own – some of them were so filling I couldn’t finish it in one sitting! I had these delicious smoothies for lunch every day for a week and felt completely satisfied until dinner time that night. It was such an easy way to prepare lunch for myself and I loved knowing that I had gotten a healthy dose of fruit and veggies in one glass during the day.

The range includes a variety of smoothie flavours including Super Green (packs a powerful vegetable punch with a zesty combination of Kale, Spinach, Celery, and Avocado), Detox Green (a strong combination of Kale, Spinach, Celery, Cucumber, Avocado, and Cayenne Pepper), Cacao Pops (a delicious chocolatey treat packed with protein-rich raw Cacao Nibs and Sesame Seeds), Planet Protein (indulgent Peanut Butter, Cacao Nibs and Sesame Seeds), Berry Bliss, Vanilla Sky, and Chia Blue (each of which contain blueberries, bananas, strawberries and dates along with Chia, Flax, Pumpkin and Sesame Seeds).

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One-Juice smoothies

The new Super Smoothie pre-portioned product range will be available for ordering via the One-Juice website soon and will also be available at selected Checkers stores and in store at One-Juice, Sea Point. The smoothies are priced between R29 and R32 each and can be bought as a pack or on a subscription basis. I find the packs to be very affordable and considerably cheaper than purchasing ready-made smoothies elsewhere and would highly recommend you give it a go!

Find the One-Juice headquarters at 90 Regent Road, Sea Point Cape Town. 

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