Perdeberg Launches Lower-Alcohol, Lighthearted Wine Range

Perdeberg Lighthearted

I wasn’t blessed with the grace to be a sophisticated wine drinker. I love the stuff, but it goes straight to my head. Give me a glass or two of wine, and you’ll find me in the corner of the party talking way too loudly about nothing at all. As a result, I don’t drink wine nearly often enough. Which is why I’m loving the new low-alcohol wine revolution. It allows me to pretend I can handle my liquor and still enjoy a good glass of wine or three whilst keeping my grace intact.

Perdeberg is the latest to join the low-alcohol wine trend with the introduction of the new Perdeberg Lighthearted wine range. Lower in alcohol, yet full in flavour, this lively range is sure to be a favourite amongst wine lovers this summer.

Perdeberg Lighthearted

Born out of a response to the growing demand for lower-alcohol drinks, this exciting new addition to the Perdeberg line-up offers wine lovers a lighter alternative to your regular tipple. While many low-alcohol drinks go extremely low on the alcohol, this option is similar to drinking a lite, lower alcohol beer. Each of the wines range between 8 – 9.5% alcohol, giving you enough of a buzz to have a great time while still allowing you to watch your alcohol intake, so you don’t over do it over the festive season.

The average South African wine contains around 11% to 13% alcohol. I find that having two glasses of ordinary wine is already too much for me but with this delicious alternative from Perdeberg I can relax and have a second and third glass without worrying about the headache the next day.

What’s more, the wines in the range contain 0.10 – 0.20g sugar per 100ml and 55 to 65 calories per 100ml, making them a great option for those looking for a less calorific wine. Lighthearted offers an excellent low alcohol alternative that tastes great, leaves you with little to no guilt and ultimately gives you the power to effectively manage your alcohol, caloric or sugar intake whilst still enjoying a glass of wine during social occasions.

Perdeberg Lighthearted

As Perdeberg is known for being the Home of Chenin Blanc, the Lighthearted range undoubtedly includes a chenin blanc. Staying true to the varietal, you’ll find vibrant tropical fruit aromas like white pear, guava and kiwi fruit that follows through to a refreshingly soft finish.

The perfect summer wine, the Lighthearted chenin pairs well with grilled chicken, vegetable and prawn rice paper rolls and spicy salmon tacos. All of this, and only 8.5% alcohol.

Likely to be everyone’s pink drink of choice, the Lighthearted cinsault rosé is delicately light on the palate, with a modern, fruit-driven flavour. With notes of crisp red berries giving way to hints of rose petals and strawberries on the finish, this is no ordinary rosé. Pair it with a berry panna cotta or a simple chicken and strawberry salad. This wine is also vegan-friendly, with 8.5% alcohol.

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Rounding off the range is the pinotage, which is unlike any pinotage you’ve known. In keeping with its Lighthearted counterparts, this red wine is incredibly light and easy-drinking. Dispelling the myth that reds are reserved for winter, this pinotage can be enjoyed chilled for maximum summer thrills.

Perdeberg Lighthearted

On the nose, you’ll pick up endless red fruit such as cherries, berries and plums. These berries carry through to the palate, along with a hint of chocolate. This would pair well with a mushroom risotto or even a veggie ramen noodle bowl. At 9% alcohol, this vegan-friendly wine maximises on flavour, without the high alcohol content.

All three options from Perderberg’s Lighthearted range are great tasting wines and will prove to be wonderful additions to your table this festive season. While lower in alcohol, calories and sugar, they don’t compromise on flavour or complexity.

Find the Perderberg Lighthearted range online from Perderberg’s website as well as at leading liquor stores at a recommended price of R50 for the Lighthearted chenin blanc and cinsault rosé and R55 for the Lighthearted pinotage.

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