Picnic Company Now Offers Drive-Through Party Solutions in Cape Town

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We’ve all lamented about how draining the constant barrage of social obligations can be in everyday life, but after four long months of lockdown, South Africans are starting to want for a taste of that life again. We’re craving social interaction and after months of missing out on celebrating special occasions with loved ones, it’s time to start looking for creative solutions. Luckily, for those in Cape Town, the Picnic Company is embracing an international trend that is sure to bring back the joy of celebrating — the drive-through party!

With social distancing protocols still the order of the day and gatherings and home visits still prohibited, how does one celebrate special occasions like birthdays, upcoming births, engagements, and weddings with family and friends? There’s always the old faithful Zoom party but even that’s starting to become a little stale and old hat. That’s where this exciting new concept comes in to breathe some life back into celebrating special occasions.

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“When it comes down to it, celebrating someone you love is not about the elaborate party, fully stocked bar and fabulous outfits,” says Tammy Clucas, owner of Picnic Company. “What it’s really about is sharing a laugh, a few kind words and, quite simply, showing up for them. If there are some delicious eats involved, well, lucky you!”

The Picnic Company drive-through events are the perfect social distancing solution for any special occasion. They’ve partnered up with Coffeeright to offer two package options for your next milestone event. To get the party started, you simply book your party with the crew and they will arrive a couple of hours before service to set up at a convenient spot outside your home. Once it’s time for your party, your guests drive by, say hi, collect a piping hot takeaway coffee and individually packaged snack, hopefully, drop off a little gift for the party boy or girl, and be on their merry way. Picnic Company pops up, and you’re guests pop in. Easy as pie!

Picnic Company

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Picnic Company’s coffee and cupcakes drive-through package includes a belly-warming drink and a magical cupcake for each drive-by guest, a dashing barista, mobile coffee bar, and a décor package at R165 per person (min 20pax). The second option, The Royal High Tea package, includes a cup of tea or coffee and 4 teatime treats for each drive-by guest, a dashing barista, mobile coffee bar, and a décor package at R225 per person (min 20pax).

For more information visit the Picnic Company website.

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