Placecol’s Calming Chamomile Facial is a Real Treat for Dry & Sensitive Skin! [Review]


Suffering from dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin is the worst! I constantly feel like my skin needs a moisture boost and if you want to see a seriously sad panda then talk to me when I’ve gone away for the weekend and forgotten to pack my moisturiser (it’s happened on more than one occasion!). Of course, as a person so completely obsessed with moisture I’m also always on the lookout for fabulously hydrating facials to not only soothe my sensitive skin but also to give it a healthy glow and plenty of moisture, moisture, moisture! Which is why I was super excited to discover the oh-so-affordable Placecol beauty salons and the Placecol Calming Chamomile Facial. When it comes to pricing these guys knock it out of the park and the best bit is, the treatments show real results! I got the chance to visit their Canal Walk branch in Cape Town and was super impressed with their products, service, and of course, the ultra-luxurious facial.

So, we all know that the one big downside to facials is that they can be a real money suck and while I’d love to go for a facial every month I can’t seem to get over the fact that it’s just another thing to add to my monthly budget. But, now that I’ve discovered Placecol I can realistically see myself adding this much-needed treat my budget on a regular basis. Facials at Placecol start at just R200 for a 30-minute Energy Boost Facial to promotes healthy skin and the 60-minute Calming Chamomile Facial that I had will only set you back R300! I compared prices across a few other spas and beauty salons and most of them charge a whopping R400 – R500 for a similar facial treatment.

Some of the products used on the facial.

Placecol’s Calming Chamomile Facial is all about treating and restoring sensitive skin and the 60-minute treatment combines Soft Laser® technology with powerful anti-oxidants to calm and restore dry, damaged and sensitive skin. During the facial my super knowledgeable therapist gave me the low-down on how to boost my skin’s hydration levels at home while using a range of Placecol’s beautiful products on my skin.

The facial follows the usual routine of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, apply a masque, and moisturising but also offers a little something different in the form of the Soft Laser. The laser (a form of light therapy) is used during the treatment to gently activate blood flow towards the tissue, thereby improving circulation, and reducing inflammation. It also helps to ensure that the product used during the treatment better penetrates the skin.


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The whole process was beautifully relaxing and I felt like a new woman after the facial was done. As for the results, the treatment left my skin feeling super soft, invigorated and plumped to perfection. The usual dry feeling and dullness was gone and in its place was glowing, healthy-looking skin. My usually sensitive skin felt like it had a new lease on life after this treatment and I would highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from sensitivity problems or who feels like they need a shot of hydration to get them through the summer holidays. You can also prolong the effects of your treatment by investing in a few Placecol products to take home, I love that the products really show results and, just like the treatments, are very affordable.

As for the other treatments on offer, you can enjoy a 45-minute Manicure for R190, a 60-minute Pedicure for R240, a full set of eyelash extensions for R550, or even a Full Body Massage for just R360. For more information on Placecol and to find a beauty salon near you visit their website here.

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