PSA: Life Day Spa Now Offers Cannabis Oil Massage Treatments

CBD Oil massage

If you’re yet to jump on-board the CBD oil train now’s the time to get involved as one of the biggest spa chains in South Africa is now offering CBD oil massage treatments to stressed-out South Africans looking for a new way to relax and unwind. Life Day Spa is promoting the Cannabis Oil Massage Treatment as the “ultimate in relaxation” and a great way to promote healing in the body.

The new 60-minute CBD Oil Massage Ritual treatment offers the ultimate in health and wellness with a full body massage using Cannabis Oil followed by a relaxing and revitalising CBD tea and cookie after your treatment. Designed to help reduce stress, anxiety, and treat the skin, the much buzzed-about treatment is now available at select Life Day Spa facilities in South Africa.

Recently CBD oil has been gaining a lot of traction in the natural health and wellness world and is being praised for its incredible healing properties. Fans of the miracle oil claim it can help treat everything from pain to anxiety but when it comes to beauty treatments such as this it’s no doubt the oils incredible benefits for the skin and muscles that will take centre stage.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory powers are by far its number one talent. Many skin issues, from breakouts to atopic conditions, and even signs of ageing, are fuelled by inflammation. CBD helps regulate pain and itching on the skin, making it a real boss at treating all kinds of skin problems. Studies have also shown that CBD’s modulation of inflammatory, plus its antibacterial properties, markers make it an effective treatment for eczema as well as acne. It’s also an anti-ageing powerhouse and can also help improve the barrier function of the skin.

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When applied topically, CBD oil is a great way to treat the skin and sore muscles quickly and effectively. In fact, it ight just the thing for your tired muscles if you’ve just come off a long-haul flight or participated in an endurance race. European studies show that topical CBD decreased inflammation and pain, while avoiding the negative side effects associated with taking it orally, such as stomach upset or lowered absorption, making it the ideal recovery treatment.

The 60-minute CBD Oil Massage Ritual is available at select Life Day Spa locations, including Century City (includes use of virtual forest, steam room, and outdoor pool) and Waterfront (includes use of indoor heated pool, steam room, outdoor relaxation deck and rain shower) at R790.

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