This ‘Secret Box’ Lets You Try Out High-end Beauty Products at an Unbeatable Price! [Review]

Secret Box 24

Receiving parcels is pretty much the best thing ever. If like me, you’re addicted to online shopping then you’ll know the joy of receiving parcels delivered to your front door or desk at work – nothing beats the feeling of receiving gifts from your carefree, shopaholic past self after the guilt of blowing your budget has passed. Heck, most days I can barely wait for the courier to leave before ripping open the packaging to see what I’ve bought myself. But what’s even better than buying yourself gifts online, forgetting about it, and then feeling like a kid on Christmas when said products finally arrive? The answer is simple – The ‘Secret Box’ from online retailer Retail Box! Basically, it’s the only genuine way to buy yourself a gift without inevitably spoiling the ‘surprise’ and feeling like a sad Sally when you realise that buying gifts for yourself isn’t all that great. It’s also every beauty product obsessed girl’s dream because it gives you the opportunity to get your hands on high-end products that you probably won’t have tried before at a fabulous price. Here’s a sneak peek into this month’s RB Secret Box #24!

If you’re new to the Retail Box Secret Box concept then it’s time you get onboard because it’s all kinds of wonderful. The online beauty store offers these unique beauty boxes on a regular basis (about every 2 months or so) but the only catch is the contents remain a carefully guarded secret (ssssh!) But that’s not necessarily a bad thing as every box contains the most fabulous selection of beauty goodies at a massively reduced price. Take the most recent Secret Box for example – RB Secret Box #24 is currently being sold for R299 but the contents of the box is valued at over R1000! Each Secret Box has a different price, depending on the contents of the box, and when it goes live Retail Box offers tiny hints about what’s inside the box to entice you to give it a go and treat yourself.

Secret Box 24
L’Anza ColorCare Shampoo.

So what’s inside? Secret Box #24 was all about hair and caring for colour treated hair. The Retail Box hint enticed shoppers with this little snippet; “Extend the life of your colour with this healing trio, that uses all natural botanicals and is free of Sulphates, Parabens, and Sodium Chloride.” Inside the box was a L’Anza ColorCare pack with three products including the L’Anza ColorCare Shampoo (R330), L’Anza ColorCare Conditioner (R330), and the L’Anza Colorcare Magic Bullet Spray (R390). If you ask me, at R299 the box was a real steal! The shampoo and conditioner combo is great for colour treated hair as it helps to combat the damage done by the colour process and give you more moisturised and healthy looking hair. It also helps your hair feel and look thicker and gives it more body and shine so you’ll feel a little like a supermodel of note. These fabulous products will also help prolong your colour and extend the time between salon visits and colour touch ups – saving you money in the long run.

Secret Box 24
L’Anza ColorCare Conditioner.

I don’t colour my hair so I had my own personal guinea pig test the products out for me and she absolutely adored them. She loved the conditioner because it didn’t weigh down her fine hair and gave her hair a beautiful shine and polished look. In just one week of using the three products my guinea pig reported that the quality of her hair had improved dramatically and the products definitely helped to extend the life of her colour and push back her next salon visit. She particularly loved the ColorCare Magic Bullet Spray saying that her hair is the softest is has been in forever! There’s always a toss-up between having beautiful highlights and healthy, soft hair but this stuff really made her hair look and feel amazing on the go. The lightweight leave-in mist is also great for detangling and can be used on damp or dry hair before styling. It also contains sunscreen so it will protect your hair, and colour, from the sun! I even tried it out on my own hair and loved it to bits – it worked wonders when detangling my long curly locks! (Side note: we are now fighting over who gets to keep this magical spray.)

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Secret Box 24
L’Anza ColorCare Magic Bullet Spray.

The Retail Box Secret Box #24 is still available to purchase on the Retail Box website so if you’re keen to try these products now is the time to take the leap (at R299 how can you not?). Click here to buy it now. And, make sure you keep an eye out on the Retail Box Facebook page and Twitter for announcements on the next Secret Box.

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  • wow……this sounds amazing and to be quite honest, the price is excellent too….with the price of shampoo and conditioner in the shops, this is a real bargain, i will HAVE to try this out <3 thank you

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