Review: HIIT It With Puma’s Zone XT High-Intensity Training Shoes


My palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. I’m only 20-minutes into a 45-minute HIIT workout and I feel like I’m going to vomit on my sweater already. Praying I don’t see a replay of last night’s spaghetti. I’m accustomed to my daily F45 classes being intense, but today’s cardio workout is kicking my butt more than usual. High-intensity interval training is no joke and right now the only thing getting me through this brutal class is the knowledge that I’m wearing new training shoes.

Just before giving in to my internal dialogue about how it’s OK to sit down, just for a little bit, I catch a glimpse of the lumo heart rhythm line design on the side of my new Puma Zone XT shoes and I’m reminded that I can’t give up because I’m supposed to be reviewing these trainers. So, I muster up the energy to do one more burpee, and then another. Before I know it, 45 minutes is up and finally I can collapse on the ground, cursing my dedication to my job for my sore muscles as I catch my breath.

Puma Zone XT
Brazilian supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Adriana Lima is the face of Puma’s Zone XT campaign.

High-intensity interval training is no joke and when you’re struggling your way through yet another squat jump in an intense cardio class, you need shoes that won’t let you down. Specifically designed for high-intensity workouts and endurance-based training, the Puma Zone XT training shoe has been that shoe for me. As someone who does 5 or more HIIT classes a week, my training shoes are super important to me.

I’ve got a pretty great collection of gym trainers, all of which I love to wear, but over the last month, I’ve found my self reaching for the Puma Zone XT shoes each and every time. With exceptional cushioning, these are the most comfortable training shoes I’ve ever worn. Whether it’s strength training, resistance-exercise classes, or full-on cardio, the Puma Zone XT helps to bring me a little of comfort in an otherwise gruelling gym session.

The Zone XT trainers feature maximum cushioning (thanks to the hybrid foam that combines two of Puma’s most innovative technologies), support, and grip, making them a must-have for anyone who is serious about HIIT or any other type of high-intensity training, like circuit training and even spinning. These are obviously not the shoes to consider if you’re more into knocking out a 10km run in the evenings, but for gym bunnies, they’re a godsend.

Another thing I could very quickly appreciate about these trainers is the amount of grip it offered on the gym floor. While you’re smashing out burpees, sprawls, and kick-throughs, the last thing you want to worry about is slipping and the Zone XT offers exceptional grip thanks to the slightly-wider rubber outsoles, so there’s no worrying about falling on your face.


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Apart from being a stellar gym shoe, the Puma Zone XT also sports an ultra-cool design. While many running or gym trainers can be super flashy, the Zone XT takes a more subtle approach. A simple black colourway is accentuated by an eye-catching, colourful heart rhythm line design on the side of the shoe.

This is a clever little nod to the optimum heart rate zone where the heart-rate speeds up, and the body is able to burn fat most efficiently while boosting endurance and increasing your metabolism. The fun but subtle design means they’ll match any gym outfit you throw on, making getting dressed for a sweat session that much easier.

If you’re into endurance workouts, this is definitely a pair of trainers you should invest in.

The PUMA Zone XT is available at all PUMA outlets and selected retailers for R1,499.

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