Review: Stand Out from the Crowd with Skinny Seltzers

Skinny seltzers

Alcoholic sparkling water drinks, or hard seltzers, are all the rage in South Africa right now. But, with a myriad of hard seltzers on the market it takes a lot for a newcomer to truly stand out, but Skinny seltzers have managed to do just that with its trio of gin, vodka, and tequila hard seltzer drink options.

The demand for healthier drinks continues to increase, and consumers are looking for convenient ways to enjoy a healthier option wherever they are. Whether they’re out for a picnic, enjoying sundowners on the mountain, or heading to a friend’s house for a braai. The Skinny seltzers range is aimed at wellness-minded drinkers who like a ready-mixed drink in a can that is easy to transport.

Skinny seltzers

While many hard seltzer drink options are loaded with additional sweeteners and flavourings, the Skinny range boasts a low-calorie trio with zero added sugar. All three flavours in the range are also free from artificial flavourings, and colourants, making it the premium choice amidst the noise.

Further helping the Skinny range to stand out from the crowd is the offering of different spirit options. The range switches things up with three, 4% alcohol seltzers, each with a twist: The flagship Skinny B — the internationally celebrated mix of vodka, lime and soda with only 77 calories; the Skinny M — a crisp mix of tequila, lime and soda with 79 calories, and the Skinny G — a refreshing alternative to a classic G&T, featuring gin, lime and soda with 77 calories.

Skinny seltzers

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I tried the full Skinny seltzer range and absolutely loved these delicious drinks as an alternative to calorie-loaded ciders or mixed drinks. I am a big gin fan, so my favourite of the three was definitely the Skinny G but I also thoroughly enjoyed the vodka option, Skinny B as well. Nothing beats a classic Vodka, lime, and soda and this pre-mixed version offers the opportunity to enjoy a classic Vodka mix with half the calories while also allowing you to cut back on the amount of alcohol consumed.

You get a lovely crisp, subtle lime flavour from both the Skinny B and Skinny G drinks, making these a winner for anyone who loves that tangy sourness of lime in their drinks. The flavour isn’t very strong or overpowering, and it’s obvious that you’re drinking lightly flavoured sparkling water with a kick. If you don’t like lightly flavoured drinks, then you’re better off going for something with a more potent flavour. But, if you’re accustomed to enjoying your spirits with soda water and a dash of lime, then this convenient pre-mixed version won’t disappoint.

Skinny seltzers are available in 300ml cans from Norman Goodfellows stores nationwide at R24 per can as well as online from at R131.99 per 6-pack.

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