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The number of new beauty launches every month can be straight-up overwhelming. But with dozens of brand-new makeup, skincare and haircare products launching every single month, how do you tell what’s worth the splurge and what’s better left as a distant memory from your Instagram feed? Fortunately for you, dear reader, I’m always willing to put my skin and hair on the line to test out the newest beauty products on the market, so you don’t have to. So, what’s good this month? Here are of my picks for 10 of the best beauty products available in South Africa to get you through the month… Because I support your decision to treat yourself to yet another lipstick you probably don’t need but deserve.

1. Pradiance Supreme C+ Serum

Pradiance Supreme C+ Serum

This oil-rich, all-natural serum nourishes, soothes, protects and firms dry skin. Rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, C & E, Supreme C+ Serum is new to the Pradiance range and features a mixture of natural ingredients which are integral for tissue and cell regeneration while improving skin flexibility. Hero ingredient, Kigelia, is high in antioxidants, is a whizz at treating sun-damaged skin while helping to prevent free radical activity.

The luxurious serum will transform your skin from the first use. It gives the skin a beautiful glow and after a few weeks of consistent use, I could definitely see a marked difference in my skin. My complexion was smoother and my skin was nourished and healthy. The product can be used after cleansing and toning. Simply apply 1 pump to face and neck and follow with day cream. I love to combine a pump of the serum with my day cream for easy application and use it on its own at night for targeted treatment. Want to know more? Read my full review on Pradiance skincare here.

Buy Pradiance Supreme C+ Serum online for R620

2. MPL Clove Hairfood

MPL Clove Hairfood

Struggling with an itchy scalp? Try this affordable scalp treatment. Formulated using the magic of clove oil, the all-new MPL Clove Hairfood is a treat for a dry, itchy scalp. The hot and spicy clove oil is rich in antioxidants and is an excellent source of calcium, as well as vitamin A and C. The addition of Chamomile flower extract and Bulbine Frutescens Leaf Juice helps to soothe a dry, itchy scalp while glycerine works to moisturise both the hair and scalp.

The product has a gel-like consistency and when warmed between the fingers, turns into an oil. It has a deep conditioning effect when used on dry hair and leaves the hair feeling soft. Designed to help maintain a healthy scalp, this oil is a must-try for anyone who is looking to treat a problem scalp and bring shine back to their hair.

Grab MPL Clove Hairfood at Clicks stores for just R22.99.

3. Ecotools Start The Day Beautifully Kit

Eco Tools 

Whatever your foundation preference, your application tools can make all the difference in achieving a smooth and flawless finish. Ecotools brushes are made with soft, cruelty-free bristles, recycled aluminium ferrules and sleek bamboo handles, to help you easily create your favourite make-up looks. These beautiful brushes allow for a smooth application and easy blending and the Eco Tools Start The Day Beautifully Kit offers all the brushes you need to create makeup looks that are sure to turn heads.

This kit contains the five most important makeup brushes everyone should have in their toolkit: an Angled Foundation Brush, a Blurring Brush, a Defined Crease Brush, an Angled Liner and a Full Blush Brush. Housed in a practical storage tray, the brushes are also accompanied by three how-to look cards to inspire you to create beautiful looks and experiment with your tools.

Grab the Ecotools Start The Day Beautifully Kit at Clicks for R255.

4. Elizabeth Arden White Tea Wild Rose EDT

Elizabeth Arden White Tea Wild Rose EDT
Elizabeth Arden White Tea Wild Rose EDT

This sweet, delicate floral fragrance is delightfully fresh and just the thing you need to lift your spirits in the summer months. According to Elizabeth Arden, the fragrance “captures the soft surprise of wild roses at the edge of the ocean; a rising sweetness layered on a fresh breeze.” Top notes include White Tea, Pear Tree Blossom, Red Currant, and Palmarosa complemented by heart notes of Bulgarian Rose, Turkish Rose, Blush Peony, and Clary Sage. To finish, base notes of Radiant Musks, Mate Absolute, Tonka Bean, and Sheer Amber. The result is a feminine and persuasively soft fragrance, with a touch of warmth.

This is one of my favourite summer fragrances and is my go-to on a hot day when only a pretty sundress and sandals will do. The fragrance is available in both 100ml and 30ml sizes.

Find Elizabeth Arden White Tea Wild Rose EDT at Superbalist for R895 (100ml).

5. Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution Spritz

Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution Spritz

This new anti-pollution innovation from Environ is a must-try for anyone looking for a high-potency antioxidant skincare solution. A good spritz is essential in my daily skincare routine, and I’ve been loving using this one for the last few weeks. The lightweight, invisible, breathable shield offers protection against the harmful effects of pollution while also strengthening the skin’s resistance. It works to rebalances skin microbiome and offers defence from blue light free radicals.

I used the new Anti-Pollution Spritz along with the new Environ Focus Care Comfort+Anti-Pollution Masque. Together this duo works to provide complete protection against the harmful effects of pollution. Environ’s new multi-functional charcoal masque, formulated with Japanese charcoal and special botanicals helps to absorb pollutant impurities, normalise and hydrate the appearance of skin, leaving it feeling revitalised and smooth.

Find Environ Focus Care Comfort+ Anti-Pollution Spritz at R520 from select spa and skincare clinics.

6. Pretty by Flormar Curling Mascara

Pretty by Flormar Curling Mascara 

Create deeply impressive makeup looks with this affordable curling mascara. The unique brush with individual teeth works by grabbing the lashes one by one to make it easier to shape and curl. With its intense black colour, this product offers a ‘wow’ effect with just one application. The mascara is formulated with panthenol and natural herbal extracts, which Flormar says helps to moisturise the eyelashes. It’s impressive for its price and does a great job of curling the lashes and creating a fuller effect.

Grab Pretty by Flormar Curling Mascara from Foschini for R76.95.

7. Gliss Bio-Tech Restore Leave-In Express Repair Conditioner Spray

Gliss Bio-Tech Restore

I’ve been testing the full Schwarzkopf Gliss Bio-Tech Restore range, but it was the Bio-Tech Restore Express Repair Conditioner that really stood out to me. This spray-on leave-in conditioner is formulated to visibly repair damage-prone hair. It contains hydrating rose water and a reparative phyto-stem cell complex that Schwarzkopf says regenerates hair from root to tip. The spray can be used on dry hair to revive locks that are a little lack-lustre. It can also be used on towel-dried hair after a wash to give your mane an extra shot of moisture and prepare for styling.

I’ve been loving this spray during the summer months, and it’s proved to be a great addition to my beach bag to give my locks a fighting chance after a dip in the ocean. It’s also perfect to use if you want to protect your hair from the chlorine in the swimming pool or from direct sunlight when you’re spending the day in the sun.

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Find Schwarzkopf Gliss Bio-Tech Restore Express Repair Conditioner at Clicks for R99.

8. Lamelle Serra Soothing Body Lotion

Lamelle Serra Soothing Body Lotion

This soothing lotion for dry and sensitive skin has been developed to help restore the skin barrier and improve symptoms of itching, dry, uncomfortable skin. Suitable for all skin types, this lotion is a gem of a find for anyone who struggles with itchy or irritated skin. The secret is in the patented Ceramide-P which creates a multiple lipid layered structure similar to normal human skin — essentially replacing what is missing and eliminating the root cause of dry skin. Other key ingredients include Panthenol, an excellent moisturiser and emollient, as well as Hyaluronic acid, which binds with water for increased hydration, elasticity and plumper skin.

This luxurious lotion quickly absorbs into the skin with no greasy after-feel. It leaves skin feeling super hydrated and has an immediate soothing effect for itchy skin. I’ve been using it on my legs for some time now and it’s proven to be a real must-have in my bathroom. The skin on my legs is super reactive, especially after shaving or waxing and this helps to soothe my skin and relieve itching.

Grab Lamelle Serra Soothing Body Lotion online from Dermastore for R325.

9. Viva La Diva Brush Eyeliner Pen

Viva La Diva Brush Eyeliner Pen

This vegan makeup brand landed in South Africa at the end of 2019 and I’ve been loving it ever since. The long-wearing Viva La Diva Super Curl mascara is one of the few tubing mascaras in South Africa and is an essential in my makeup bag. The brush eyeliner is another gem I’ve discovered from the Swedish pharmacy makeup brand. Easy to use, this liquid eyeliner brush pen allows you to create a wing eyeliner look with precision. Create the perfect thin or bold line with a flick of the wrist — you decide!

Find the Viva La Diva Brush Eyeliner Pen online from the Viva La Diva SA website for R160.

10. Probitec Probiotic

Probitec Probiotic

South Africa’s first DuoCap probiotic, Probitec is the ideal supplement for anyone concerned about gut health. While much of the probiotic bacteria is destroyed by stomach acid and other external environmental factors before it even reaches your lower intestine, Probitec’s dual-cap technology dramatically increased the efficacy of these products by protecting the active ingredients from stomach acid until they reach the lower intestine, where they are most readily absorbed. According to Probitec, the probiotic strain used in this unique supplement is proven to reduce the symptoms caused by the effects of antibiotics, lactose Intolerance, diarrhoea, IBS, candida, allergies and bacterial vaginosis.

Of course, taking a daily probiotic also has other health benefits including improved overall health, a boosted immune system, elevated mood, more energy, improved digestion and absorption of medicine, supplements and food, and regular bowel movements. I took Probitec for a month and felt a definite increase in energy since I started taking the supplement. My digestion also improved, and I had less bloating or irritable stomach issues after meals.

Find Probitec at a recommended retail price of R349 per 30 capsules online from Takealot and Natural Choice.

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