Antioxidant-Rich Kenyan Tea, Ketepa Pride Makes a Big Splash in South Africa

Ketepa Pride

While South African tea lovers are quite accustomed to teas from China and India, pure Kenya tea is not as readily available or well known here in the republic. Luckily, all that is about to change thanks to local distributors who are hell-bent on making this African-grown tea a big success in South Africa. The most recent Kenyan tea brand to arrive at our shores is Kenya Tea Packers’ much loved Ketepa Pride brand.

In Kenya, tea is big business. The east African country is one of the world’s top producers and exporters of tea, with pure Kenyan tea being known for its superior quality compared to other teas of the world. Because pure Kenya tea is regarded as being so superior in quality, most tea exported from Kenya is used for blending with other teas to produce some of the popular blends available in grocery stores across the United States, Europe, Asia and other markets.

Ketepa Pride

What’s more, it’s a healthy diet powerhouse! Kenyan tea has gained recognition in markets across the world because, in its purest form, it has proved to have higher levels of antioxidants compared to teas produced in other parts of the world.

Though booming, Kenya’s tea industry is fairly new and only really got its start in the 1950s. But being ‘new’ to the game isn’t stopping Kenya’s producers. Loved for being fresher, brighter, and brisker, Kenya’s teas have a distinct flavour profile thanks to its unique terroir. Most well known for its superior pure Kenya black tea, the east African country is quickly gaining ground as the producer of the best black tea in the world.

Ketepa Pride

What sets Ketepa Pride apart?

Grown without the use of pesticides, Kenya Tea Packers’ pure Kenyan tea is carefully hand-picked from select farms, ensuring top-notch quality. The brand prides itself on providing only the finest blends for its local and international consumers who appreciate the unique taste of Kenyan tea.

Distributed in South Africa by Mmakole Food & Beverages under its Tea Time Africa brand, Ketepa Pride tea bags are blended from a selection of tea with finer granules. These finer granules allow for fuller, faster infusion compared to other black tea brands on the market. The result is a full-flavoured black tea that can be enjoyed with milk and sugar or ‘strungi’ (as the locals call it) which is just plain black.

Ketepa Pride

If it’s a full-flavoured, yet mild black tea you want, you’ll no doubt love Ketepa Pride. The tea is prepared from tea cultivated in high-mountain plantations in different regions in Kenya, giving it a delicate earthy flavour profile that is sure to please any tea lover who doesn’t enjoy an overly strong-tasting black tea. It is this mild flavour that makes Ketepa Pride so popular and successful in tea blends. Its black tea flavour is not too overpowering and strong, giving the other blends and flavours an opportunity to shine as through as well.

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Drink to your health

Ketepa Pride teas are high in antioxidants and are known for offering a wide variety of health and lifestyle benefits. Kenya black tea is highly regarded for its quality and thus is the ideal tea to drink if you’re looking to take advantage of the many health benefits of black tea. Black has long been praised for its ability to help reduce inflammation in the body, improve the body’s ability to detox, lower blood sugar levels, stimulate blood circulation, and even improve brain function.

In addition to the basic black tea, the brand also offers a wide variety of different tea blends with various health and lifestyle benefits. This includes a Herbal Infusion Sleep Easy tea, Digestive tea, Heart Chai tea, and Immunitea which help to improve quality of sleep, aid digestion, protect the cardiovascular system, and strengthen the immune system.

Ketepa Pride

Where to find it

Ketepa Pride Kenyan tea is now available in South Africa online from Teatime Africa. Try the Ketepa Pride basic black tea for R180.99 for a box of 100 enveloped tea bags, along with boxes of 25 tagged and enveloped tea bags for R90.99 each. If you’re looking for the ideal gift for a tea lover this festive season you can’t go wrong with the Ketepa Pride Hexagonal Pack R301.99, which offers a variety of tea flavours in one box. giving you the opportunity to sample the entire flavour range and choose your favourites.

Ketepa Pride will also be available on Takealot soon, and for more information visit the Tea Time Africa website.

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