Review: We Taste-Tested Southfields Hard Seltzers


We’ve all emerged from a long winter lockdown ready to embrace warmer weather, longer days, and seaside getaways. With lockdown restrictions easing up, everyone is looking to get out and socialise a bit more while still staying safe. But, what will be your drink of choice as you look to let your hair down this summer?

With health and wellness still top of mind, many consumers will surely be looking for drink options that are lighter on alcohol and calories than, say, a heavy IPA or shot-loaded cocktail. Nothing ticks all those boxes quite like the trendy hard seltzer. Over the past year, hard seltzers have exploded onto the South African market, bringing forth tons of convenient options for those looking to enjoy the light, crisp, and fresh flavours of spiked sparkling water.


The latest brand to throw its hat into the hard seltzer ring is Southfields. Proudly produced in Cape Town by the company that brews Jack Black beer, Southfields takes its inspiration from Cape Town’s ‘deep south.’ Ideal for leisurely poolside sipping, or throwing back at a braai, these hard seltzers are sure to become a popular choice for social occasions this summer.

Southfields hard seltzer brings a unique twist to classic flavours, including Mixed Berry and Lemon Zest. The range is made from sparkling water with a hint of natural fruit flavour and a splash of vodka. Both flavours offer a light, clean taste and have just two grams of sugar and 100 calories per 300ml can. Delicious, and easy-drinking, they’re an easy alternative to more sugary or carb-luscious drinks like beer and other pre-mixed alcopops.


Available in 4-packs with plastic-free, recyclable packaging, Southfields hard seltzers will also appeal to those looking to reduce their reliance on single-use plastic. They’re also naturally gluten-free, with no additives or preservatives.

But, is Southfields the hard seltzer for you? I tried both flavours, and honestly, I’m impressed. Both flavours are very enjoyable, especially on a warm summer’s day. If you’re looking for a convenient way to replace your standard summer bar order of a vodka soda, then Southfields’ vodka-based seltzer will prove to be a great choice.

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While many other hard seltzers on the market are malt-based or gin-based, Southfields sticks with the classic vodka option. Both flavours are best enjoyed iced cold straight from the can, or in an ice-filled glass with fresh fruit to garnish (if you’re really feeling fancy).

The Mixed Berry has a hint of berry flavour to take the edge off, while the Lemon Zest tastes just like a classic vodka-soda should. Oh-so-refreshing, this is a hard seltzer you can sip at a party, crack open as a refreshing pick-me-up after a day on the golf course or tennis courts.

Southfields is available from Checkers Liquor stores at R17.99 per 330ml can and at R69.99 for a 4-pack from Norman Goodfellows. If you’re looking to stock up, then you can grab a 12-pack for R199 from the Southfields website.

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