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Getting locked into a gym membership is so 2018. Why put your workout schedule in a box and be forced to train at the same place day-in-and-day out when you can have so much more freedom? Flexi, an on-demand training app puts the power back in your hands so you can work out on your terms. Try out new workouts, classes and lifestyle challenges on a pay-as-you-go model and take back control of your sweat sessions.

Flexi allows you to add variety to your normal gym contract by trying something new every day. Whether it’s trying CrossFit for the first time, enjoy a yoga class on a beach, reaching new heights in a climbing gym, punching above your weight in a boxing studio, swinging your way through the latest outdoor obstacle course or racing to beat your 5km running PB. Heck, you can even cancel your current gym membership and use the app to make your training completely on-demand and flexible – it’s your call. Most of us are limited by time and budget, but Flexi offers fitness enthusiasts more choice, flexibility, affordability, and convenience. Partnered with a nationwide network of gym and lifestyle studios, Flexi ensures you are never far from the next workout or fitness challenge.

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Even better news? The more you wok out with Flexi, the more you’ll be rewarded. Flexi allows you to train where and when you want while getting rewarded with cashback every time you transact on the platform. These loyalty rewards are paid into your virtual wallet, and can be used in the future to buy a pair of trainers or a post-workout smoothie at any Flexi. partner. You can also send gift vouchers to friends and family so they can try new classes too. Flexi isn’t just a workout app, it’s a lifestyle rewards program, that gives you the best of both worlds.

“Active people want the choice to train at any facility, at any time, with no limitations. This is what gave us the idea to launch a solution that would meet this need for flexibility,” – co-founder for Flexi Tyrone Lasarow.

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There are no contracts or hidden costs, and it doesn’t affect any of your current gym memberships. You just pay for the classes you attend. Using the app is simple: just download the app here; register as a user, and link your card. Then you can use the slick Geo-location feature to search through the nearby options. You can also check if there are any specials or deals available, and then you choose your class. Just scan the QR code in the gym or studio, and you’re sorted.

The Flexi. app is available for free download on all iOS and Android devices.

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