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There’s no denying it — the holiday season takes its toll on your wallet. Between Christmas gifts, restaurant excursions, or racking up that entertainment bill, everyone starts off the new year a little light in the pocket; therefore there’s no better time to save some money on petrol.

Driving around (and around) a city like Cape Town can be quite taxing on the ever-punishing fuel bill, especially if you don’t know exactly where you’re going and where you’re meant to park. The ParkFind app, which uses a smart GPS system, can help with this though, as you can keep track of which of your planned destinations in the city have parking spots available and which don’t. The city is definitely going to be teeming with more and more people in 2018, and without some way of keeping an eye on which zones are busy to the point of rather being avoided, it’s likely that many visitors and Capetonians alike could waste time and petrol trying to get somewhere only to find out their trip was futile.

Parkfind app

The app sorts through real-time parking transaction data and shows you a selection of available parking bays close to where you need to go in Cape Town’s CBD. It’s that simple. No hassle. No driving around the block three times.

Remember, the lack of preparation can be a drain not only on your energy, but also on your fuel tank and wallet – so you’ll want to stretch your rands and cents as far as possible so you get the most out of your time.

ParkFind won’t only help you find parking, save on some fuel (and cut down on pollution in the process), but it’s integrated payment system means you don’t need to concern yourself with small change to pay for your parking either!

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Check them out at if you need any more information and to download the app!


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