Top 5 Tips for the Best Foodie Snaps!

Food photography

If you love snapping photos of your daily meals but aren’t quite sure if they’re drool-worthy enough to be shared on social media then you’re going to love these food photography tips from UberEATS SA! Uber has changed the way we eat in South Africa with the introduction of the innovative food delivery service and now they want to change the way you share your foodie experiences with these great tips from Cape Town-based chef, food photographer and stylist Gabriella Esposito and celebrity chef, Claire Allen.

1.Don’t forget the props

According to Esposito and Allen, you don’t need fancy-pants photographic equipment to take the best foodie pics. All you need is your smartphone camera and a few great (free) editing apps. But, don’t forget about the props! You can find so many great props in your kitchen and home. Interesting looking napkins, dish clothes, cutlery, bowls and side plates, and even things like mini salt and pepper pinch bowls make for simple yet stylish accessories for your plate of food.

Don’t like clutter? Forget the props and play with empty space in your images. Dark or plain layouts, tables, floors, or tablecloths with a simple vibrant plate of food can also look modern and delicious!

2. Be bright

Esposito’s number one tip for taking great food snaps is to concentrate on the lighting – with “the brighter the better” being the golden rule when it comes to food. Too many meals can look unidentifiable when badly lit, so lots of lighting is needed to pick out the ingredients, colours and textures. You can adjust your phone’s camera settings just like a DSLR camera. Simply tap your subject that the camera is focused on, see the sun image on the screen and then gently swipe up to brighten your image or down to darken. This is particularly useful in low-light situations like dinner parties.


3. Take me higher

Find the best vantage point when taking your photos – when in doubt, get high and shoot from above. This will ensure that the image doesn’t look cut off, or look like a simple snap. Ideally, the entire dish should be shown and the photographer should get some distance to capture steam or show the light playing flatteringly on the food.

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4. Ignore the flash

Avoiding being a serial flasher. “Where possible, rely on natural light as opposed to artificial and overly bright overhead lighting. If that’s not possible, there’s nothing wrong with taking a handheld light with you to ensure you never let your followers down with a badly lit composition” explains Esposito. If you don’t have a fancy handheld light, the torchlight on your friend’s smartphone will do! Place the light on the side of your subject (around 10 – 20cm away). If this light is too bright try grabbing a white paper serviette from the table and place it over the torchlight to create a softbox effect!

5. Post-production is key

Post-production is key, even when using your smartphone. There are a number of free apps available on Android or iOS for editing pictures which don’t require a degree to use them. Sharpen the image, crop it if needs be and brighten the colours. Apps like VSCO or even the Instagram editing tools can help you to transform your image from average to WOW!

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