Hilarious Video Shows the Pressure Women Feel to Get Summer Ready [Watch]


A few years ago weight loss was all about; “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” (puke), now, years later the guilt weight loss mantra has evolved into; “summer bodies are made in winter” (double puke) and women everywhere spend the chilly months stressing about how their comfort eating is ruining their plans to be bikini ready come summer time. But no more! That’s right, CHIX Productions is standing up and calling the weight loss and beauty industries out on their nonsense with a new, hilarious video that shows what women go through to get summer ready.

From being hair-free to having washboard abs, this perfect parody of Game of Thrones shows how every woman feels when the warmer weather starts to set in. So get your popcorn ready and watch the super funny ‘Shame of Thrones’.

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