Skinny Wine Offers a Low-Alcohol, Low-Kilojoule Alternative for Wine Lovers

Four Cousins Skinny wine

I hate the saying; “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Who came up with this hogwash? While I try to eat healthy most of the time there’s no way I’m giving up bread, cheese, or wine, Because let’s be honest, life is too short not to drink wine. But, if you are concerned that your love of wine is hampering your mission to lose weight or get fit and fabulous then it might be time to check out Skinny wine, a delicious range of low-alcohol, low-kilojoule wines by Four Cousins. We love finding delicious low-kilojoule alternatives to our favourite food and drinks which is why the Four Cousins Skinny range is our pick for Wine of the Month for February.

Just like your order of a skinny café latte, gone are the days of feeling guilty about having a little joy in your glass and just because you like to hit the gym doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a glass of wine every now and then. Skinny allows you to enjoy a glass of wine without the guilt factor and still reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

With an alcohol content of only 9,5%. the Skinny range is endorsed by Weigh-Less and is the perfect treat on a hot summer’s day. The range offers three delicious wines including the Four Cousins Skinny White, Four Cousins Skinny Rosé, and the Four Cousins Skinny Red.

Four Cousins Skinny wine

For those who love white wine, the Four Cousins Skinny White is made entirely from Semillon grapes and once poured, the wine reveals aromas of kiwi and jasmine with hints of spice and pear-drop. If you’re a fan of the original Four Cousins Rosé then the Four Cousins Skinny Rosé is a great alternative to your favourite wine. The semi-sweet wine made from Muscadel grapes offers a ripe cranberry flavour to be enjoyed on its own any time of the day but both the Skinny White and Skinny Rosé are particularly great when served chilled with sushi or fresh fish, summer salads, or white meat like duck and chicken.

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For lovers of red wine, there’s Four Cousins Skinny Red. The easy-drinking Merlot is packed with characteristics that make the variety so popular – soft and velvety; exuding aromas and flavours of plums and red berries. It’s delicious whenever, but especially with venison, smoked meats, flavourful cheeses and duck.

Want to try it for yourself? Pick up a bottle of Four Cousines Skinny White, Red, Rosé from your local bottle store at R39.95 per 750ml bottle. For more information visit the Four Cousins website.

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