So Crafty: This Ready-to-Drink Margarita Moonshine is a Summer Must-Try!

Margarita Moonshine

Looking for a new drink to try this summer? A fiesta in a bottle, Silver Creek Craft Distillery’s all-new Margarita Moonshine is the perfect summer time drink. The latest addition to Silver Creek’s Southern Moonshine range, the ready-to-drink Margarita Moonshine has already claimed its first award and if you try it, you’ll understand why. Promising to be an all-in-one party-in-a-bottle, The Margarita Moonshine offers a low-fuss way to cool off during the summer months.

Margarita Moonshine joins the likes of six others including Clean Shine, Charred Shine and flavoured ‘shines like spicy Apple Pie, cinnamon-laced Bon Fire, Salted Caramel and Chocolate. The distillery does everything by hand, allowing for extra special care and the perfect balance of flavours, and this new addition to the range is no different.

MoonshineBottled in a bespoke moonshine jug, Silver Creek’s Margarita Moonshine is inspired by the classic drink originating in the 1930s in Tijuana. It can be served either as a straight shooter, or the typical way — with crushed ice, in a salt-rimmed glass, and a slice of lime. Lime-green in colour, everything about this Moonshine is vibrant. The drink offers a refreshing citrus zing, and at 24% alcohol it promises to transport you to a beach party in Cancún.

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Find Silver Creek’s moonshine range at around R260 per bottle from Takealot,and at select outlets around SA. For more information visit the Silver Creek website.

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