New Skollie Craft Cider Embraces African Heritage

Skollie Cider

The ever-exploding craft drinks market is bringing some interesting contenders to the scene, and one of the newest kids on the block is the super cool, Sxollie craft cider. Sxollie, which originates from the Elgen Valley in the Western Cape, is made from pure apples and features no added sugar or concentrate.

We love that the cider is made in a “wine style”, and the process includes adding champagne yeast to boost the extraction of the apple characteristics and to seal in extra flavours. What’s more, for those carrying certain intolerances, Sxollie is gluten-free and suitable for vegans (happy dance!)

The cider is available in 3 varietals including Golden Delicious (sweet), Granny Smith (tart), Packham (pear) and there’s one for every type of palate. The cider brand is described as “Afropolitan” (someone who has roots in Africa, has been raised by the world, but still has an interest in the continent and is making an impact, is feeding back into the continent and trying to better it).

This Afropolitan theme inspired the development of a unique and powerful brand story:

“Behind our powerful and innovative brand message is a positive story of entrepreneurs looking to reinvest back into South Africa. We do this by focusing on not only on job creation but also by using local produce, supporting local business through the supply chain, developing programs to support black entrepreneurs and supporting by the arts through music festivals and similar events.”

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