This Miracle Balm Has a Million Different Beauty Uses! [Review]

Tattoo Addict

There’s nothing more exciting for a beauty addict than finding a fabulous multi-use product! Because why buy a lip balm that’s good for nothing but moisturising your lips when you can find a multi-purpose balm to do everything from shaping your brows to treating cuts and scrapes? It’s all about saving money and space in your handbag … and the fun of discovering just how many things you can do with one product. Tattoo Addict After Care is one of these multi-use beauty wonders that I’m oh-so-smitten with and after two months of using it I’m still discovering new ways to use it. Initially designed for tattoo aftercare, this fabulous beeswax balm is like the Swiss army knife of beauty products. Here are just 5 reasons to invest in a tube of Tattoo Addict After Care this month.

Before we find out what this baby can do you need to know a little more about its formulation. Tattoo Addict was formulated with a range of good-for-you natural ingredients and while the product was designed to aid in the healing process of tattoos and minimise irritation on even the most sensitive skins, the fact that it’s a natural wonder with no fragrances, artificial colourants, or antiseptics makes it a beauty lover’s dream come true. Packed with ingredients like Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Rosemary Oil, Allantoin, Lavender Oil, and Vitamin E this balm helps to heal, moisturise, and protect the skin wherever it’s needed.

It’s a killer lip balm

If you’re constantly reaching for lip balm to soothe your dry, chapped, and sensitive lips then Tattoo Addict will become your new best friend. This stuff packs a serious punch when it comes to moisture and unlike a lot of lip balms which tend to dry out your lips in the long run, a swipe of Tattoo Addict on the lips will leave them feeling soft and nourished for hours.

Say good-bye to hang nails!

I live in constant fear of hangnails – these pesky little skin tears are no one’s idea of a good time and they always seem to take ages to heal! Luckily Tattoo Addict is the perfect treatment for these annoying injuries to the cuticle and nail bed. I was unlucky enough to get a hangnail a week after receiving this product and in a moment of pure genius I decided to smear a dollop of the product on my hangnail. The inflamed area was immediately soothed and after a day or two of religiously treating it with Tattoo Addict my hangnail finally met its maker!

Zap mozzie bites

Waking up to discover you’ve been a human buffet for an overzealous family of mosquitos during the night is a living nightmare and while you might be tempted to scratch your skin within an inch of its life, a dab of Tattoo Addict on the affected areas every few hours will help to soothe the itching and prevent the bite from getting worse. That being said, this balm is great at treating almost any insect bite you can think of. In fact, I wish so badly I had a tube of this stuff during a 5-day hike in New Zealand last year – the sand flies they have there are no joke!

Treat psoriasis and eczema flare ups

I have the good fortune of having psoriasis on my scalp. It’s the absolute worst and while I generally have it under control I get pretty bad flare-ups when I’m super stressed out. I should probably just move to a tropical island and be a beach bum but until then I’ve got Tattoo Addict. When massaged directly into inflamed spots on my scalp, Tattoo Addict helped soothe the skin and minimise itchiness on my scalp (hallelujah!).

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Treat your feet!

Tattoo Addict is also a treat of note for feet. You can use the balm to help soothe dry, cracked heels and any other dry skin on your feet. I spend a fair amount of time in running shoes and as a result my feet tend to get dry and cracked quite easily. So, once again I decided to see what Tattoo Addict could do for my tootsies and what a result! This balm sorted my dry skin right out. I started off by giving myself an at-home pedicure with a buffer to get rid of the dry skin and followed it with a generous dollop of Tattoo Addict to soothe the skin and my feet were left looking brand new again. I also made sure I treated my feet with the balm after every workout to keep up the results.

Of course, Tattoo Addict is a must-have when it comes to helping heal a new tattoo quickly. This miracle aftercare product will help reduce dehydration and scab formation, thus ensuring that you obtain the best possible effect from your tattoo. It will also ensure that the colours in your tattoo are protected and preserved so it’s a worthy investment! To treat your tattoo and keep your skin infection free simply apply the product liberally over the surface leaving a thin protective layer of product on the skin. Do this 3 to 4 times daily until the tattoo is healed.

Tattoo Addict after care can be bought from leading tattoo studios nationwide or online from the Tattoo Addict online store at R114 for a 30ml tube.

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