Technogym Launches MYCYCLING, a Complete Indoor Training Solution for Cyclists

Technogym has launched MYCYCLING

Great news for cyclists looking to up their game, Technogym has launched MYCYCLING, a complete home cycling training solution aimed at enhancing and transforming avid cyclists’ outdoor performance. The unique new program combines a hi-tech smart trainer, a native app with personalised training programmes and access to a network of professional trainers who can guide cyclists throughout their training journeys to get them road ready.

A key feature of MYCYCLING is the inclusion of a specific training system called Technogym Neuromuscular Training (or TNT). TNT is a collaboration between Technogym’s Medical and Scientific Research Centre and high-performance athletes, coaches, physiologists and sports trainers and aims to enhance metabolic and neuromuscular characteristics to improve outdoor performance whether you’re participating in a race or training. But how does it all work?

The MYCYCLING smart trainer is designed to offer maximum stability during training, especially when simulating outdoor sprints, and is suitable for use with your own mountain or road bike. The heart of the product is the electro-mechanical brake that controls every second you are in the seat with acute precision. The smart trainer also features a torque sensor that directly measures your power with a precision tolerance of approximately one percent. Optical sensors analyse the thrust during training, and allow you to visualise the smooth circular pedalling stroke as well as the symmetry between left and right foot. The fly-wheel has been designed to ensure a natural pedalling sensation that provides the same sense of inertia felt when pedalling outdoors.

As for the MYCYCLING app, the dedicated app encompasses programmes, tests, different routes and bio-feedback in one easy-to-access place. You control the trainer using a handlebar-mounted smartphone that connects to the trainer via a Bluetooth connection. As if that’s not enough to keep you motivated, MYCYCLING users will also discover a range of personalised training programs, designed by professional coaches and consisting of training sessions of 40-70 minutes, that will enhance their performance using TNT.

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The MYCYCLING system was launched by Technogym and local distributor PentaSystems at the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour Expo, and sells for a recommended retail price of R29,995.00 including VAT.

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