Tetley Tea Introduces New Range of Masala Chai and Elaichi Chai

Tetley Elaichi Chai

International travel may be off-limits for the time being but Tetley is making it easier to explore the world from the comfort of your own with an exciting new range of teas. This winter, experience a round-the-world taste adventure with Tetley’s new range of Masala Chai and Elaichi Chai.

The rich cultural history of tea dates back centuries, infused with legendary tales of warriors, explorers and adventurers. And while the actual origins of the various teas might change from country to country, the inherent ability of tea to bring friends, families and even nations together over a deliciously comforting beverage is at the heart of the Tetley range. To expand tea horizons and further strengthen these bonds, Tetley has introduced its latest Masala Chai and Elaichi Chai teas, crafted according to Indian tradition.

Tetley Masala Chai

“The rich flavour of India’s Chai, with their aromatic and warming Masala and Elaichi flavours, has become a global phenomenon, and is also ingrained in the memory and traditions of many South Africans,” explains Vilendrie Muthulingum, Joekels Technical Manager. “For me personally, the Tetley Elaichi Chai reminds me of when I was young and my mom would make vermicelli or soji. It reminds me of the comfort of home — that’s what it feels like to me. The Masala Chai reminds me of flavours I grew up with and home remedies. My sister describes Elaichi Chai tea as vermicelli in a cup! It soothes my soul.”

The term “Chai” is a Hindi word, which is based on the Chinese word for tea, cha. The folklore of Chai teas dates back more than 5 000 years to India, China and Japan, with the beverage prepared using a variety of spices differing from region to region and consumed either hot or cold. Masala Chai, made from a blend of spices including cinnamon, cardamom and ginger, originated in India but has since risen to popularity worldwide; along with Elaichi Chai which incorporates the popular and aromatic cardamom spice. Ingrained in Indian culture, Chai is enjoyed everywhere from the roadsides to top-class establishments and is traditionally prepared by boiling milk together with spices and sweetening with sugar.

Tetley Masala Chai

With the restrictions in travel resulting in many being home more this past year, Tetley felt this was the perfect time to take South Africans around the world with a cup of tea and the flavours of India. Drawing on Chai’s rich history, Tetley Spice Teas have been made using Tetley’s signature blend of rich, flavourful black teas which are combined with distinctive spice flavours from the heart of India. With the authentic Masala and Elaichi spice flavours and aromas, tea drinkers can be instantly transported to the bustling markets, iconic temples and dense natural jungles of India with every sip.

How to enjoy your Tetley Masala Chai and Elaichi Chai teas

The great-tasting Tetley Masala Chai and Elaichi Chai teas are incredibly versatile and are best enjoyed in the traditional way – pop your teabag in a cup, add hot water and brew for 3-5mins, add lots of milk, and sweeten with sugar or honey. You can also create a delicious Chai latte by boiling the Tetley Masala Chai or Elaichi Chai teabags in milk, and then adding honey or sugar for a deliciously milky beverage.

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Tetley Elaichi Chai

I’ve been enjoying both of these teas at home over the last few days and have been blown away by their delicious flavours. My favourite is currently the Tetley Masala Chai which is delicious with hot Almond milk and a little bit of honey to elevate the flavours and contrast with the spiciness of the tea. These delicious, heart-warming teas are no doubt going to be my go-to teas for the cold winter months.

If you love to cook with tea then you will be thrilled to hear that both the Tetley Masala Chai and Elaichi Chai are also the perfect addition to many sweet desserts. Simply boil them as part of the milk or cream for milk tarts, ice cream, vermicelli or rice pudding.

Tetley Masala Chai and Elaichi Chai are now available at major retailers as well as online at a recommended retail price of R19,99 for a box of 20 teabags. For more information and recipes using these delicious teas, visit the Joekels website.

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