Tips for Recovery from the Top 4 Plastic Surgeries

Surgery recovery

Plastic surgery has seen a sharp increase in popularity, and for good reasons. Today’s plastic surgeons offer the latest in technology and expertise needed to produce the great and natural results men and women are both looking for.

One of the best benefits today’s patients are seeing is an improved recovery period after surgery, particularly when compared to the recovery patients just a decade faced.

If you are considering plastic surgery, you are sure to be concerned about the recovery phase. There are some great tips that you can use to ensure your recovery period is as smooth and complication-free as is possible.

Remember that the best tip you can get for recovering after plastic surgery is to heed the instructions of your surgeon.

Breast augmentation surgery

The breast augmentation surgery is almost routine these days, as it’s performed so often around the world. Your recovery will go a lot smoother if you ensure that you have some help around the house for your first postoperative week. This could include help with household chores, help with children and help with pets. But it should also include help with your personal needs. You will not be able to raise your arms or have much range of motion at all for the first few days after surgery. Having someone help you to dress, bathe and prepare meals will help you to get the valuable rest that you need.

Some other great recovery tips include ensure that you are sleeping sitting upright in recliner or propped up by several pillows so that you can avoid rolling onto your chest. You should also stick to clothing that buttons up at the front, to avoid the need to lift your arms to get dressed.

Rhinoplasty surgery

Recovering from the rhinoplasty procedure is slightly different from other types of plastic surgery. You’ll still have the full range of motion that you need to move about your daily routine, but at night you will need to sleep sitting upright or propped up by many pillows. Your nose may feel stuffy and you could experience a dry throat, so be sure to run a humidifier next to your bed while you are sleeping. You may find that hot steamy showers help you to breathe easily, as will drinking hot tea and honey. Don’t underestimate the physical toll that your rhinoplasty can take on the rest of your body as you recover.

Brachioplasty surgery

According to plastic surgeon Dr Chaithan Reddy, recovering from the brachioplasty surgery could prove to be more challenging than breast augmentation. This is due to your having a much more reduced range of arm motion immediately following your surgery. To help speed up your recovery be sure to have someone help you around the house and with your personal care needs for the first postoperative week.

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Be sure to use the compression garments that your doctor recommends. Stay hydrated and maintain a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Listen to your body and rest when your body tells you to.

Abdominoplasty surgery

The abdominoplasty surgery is, in some ways, easier to recover from an arm lift. You’ll still have movement restrictions and need someone to help you around the house for at least the first postoperative week, but you’ll have use of your arms. It’s important not to overdo it, as tempting as it may be. Rest when you feel tired and be sure to stay ahead of your discomfort by taking the pain medications as prescribed or recommended by your doctor.

Compression garments are an essential part of your recovery, as is your ability to follow the postoperative instructions from your surgeon.

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