Travel Weary? Here are 5 Proven Remedies for Jet Lag

5 remedies for jet lag

Travelling is an incredible experience… But jet lag isn’t! Forcing yourself to stay awake the whole day when all you want to do is sleep isn’t the easiest option, nor is it always possible especially when you’re working on a schedule. But that doesn’t mean you have to give in to jet lag. These remedies from sleep experts and prolific travellers will help you beat jet lag and get your body back on track to appreciate the rest of your trip:

1. Get some exercise

5 remedies for jet lag

Resist the urge to crash as soon as you see your hotel bed and choose something that’ll get your blood flowing like jogging, swimming or a hotel gym session. Exercising will boost your energy levels and keep you feeling fit throughout your trip.

2. Ditch the coffee and alcohol

5 remedies for jet lag

It’s always tempting to reach for a cup of caffeine, especially when you’re feeling extra tired or in a city famous for its coffee. But both alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate you and disrupt your sleep, especially up to six hours before bedtime. It’s best to stick to water to stay hydrated and keep yourself awake.

3. Step into the sunlight

5 remedies for jet lag

Daylight is crucial for regulating your body’s biological clock. Try to step out into the sunlight whenever you can as staying indoors can worsen the feeling of jet lag. Plus, the feeling of foreign sun on your skin is one worth indulging in!

4. Eat regularly

5 remedies for jet lag

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Space out your meals times at regular intervals to help with jet lag symptoms. Try stick to high-protein breakfasts to get your day started and munching on fresh local foods throughout the rest of the day to get a taste of what the city has to offer.

5. Have a power nap

5 remedies for jet lag

Emphasis on the shortness of a power nap, having a few minutes of shut-eye can help alleviate some of the daytime weariness you might experience. A quick 30-minute nap may re-energise you and help you feel more alert and awake. Beware of longer naps as they can make you feel groggy and more tired. If you’re not a regular napper, go for a run, drink some water, get some sun, eat regular meals and power through until its time for bed.

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