Teetotalers, Join the Celebration with Alcohol-Free Bubblies from Van Loveren.

Van Loveren alcohol-free bubblies

Even teetotalers love to celebrate and now Van Loveren vineyards are bringing non-drinkers to the party with a new range of sparkling of Van Loveren alcohol-free bubblies! Whether it be simple pre-dinner drink with friends or a celebration – Van Loveren’s alcohol free sparklers are sure to keep you saying; “cheers” all night long.

Van Loveren is well-known for its range of wines, including the Van Loveren Papillon range of bubblies including the Papillon Brut, Papillon Demi-Sec, Papillon Vin Doux and the now the alcohol-free bubblies too. Thanks to these delicious new sparkling grape drinks anyone join in the festivities by popping a Papillon. Weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, or any other special occasion – you can now celebrate completely alcohol free!

The Papillon Alcohol Free Sparkling Blush is a delightful bubbly made with red muscadel grape juice. It has fruity and festive flavours of fresh berries and candyfloss. Ideal as an aperitif, it is just as excellent with food and especially with desserts, fruit and chocolate. If you’re not a fan of the blush then the Papillon Alcohol Free Sparkling White is your drink of choice – a white effervescent made of muscadel grapes, on the palate you’ll discover delicious notes of sun-kissed grapes. It’s fruity and sweet, and is particularly tasty with fruit and desserts.

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The Papillon Alcohol Free Sparkling Blush and White retails for between R35 and R40 a bottle and is available at leading retailers nationwide. For more information on Van Loveren, visit the Van Loveren website

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