We’re Crazy in Love with Fifth Element’s Beautiful, Squat-Proof Workout Leggings [Review]

Fifth Elements Sportswear

We’ve all been there. You’re in the gym busting out some pretty impressive squats, thinking about how good your legs are going to look for summer, and while glancing down at your thighs it hits you. You realise you can see your skin through your leggings, which means there’s a very real chance someone can also see your underwear right now, and right then and there your focus goes out the window and your workout is ruined thanks to a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction! Whether you’re breaking a sweat in the gym, stretching it out at yoga, or simply just bending over to pick up your keys, you need workout leggings that aren’t going to expose your rear. Luckily, I’ve discovered a fabulous local line of workout leggings that are not only squat-proof but also comfy and oh-so-stylish. Yes indeed, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Fifth Elements Sportswear and their hard-working gym gear!

The thing that really struck me the most about Fifth Element Sportswear is that workout gear ticks so many boxes – not only are their designs beyond beautiful and stylish but the gear is also made with high-performance fabrics that are built for support and to keep you dry and comfortable during your workouts. I got the chance to try out a pair of their beautiful leggings and was super impressed with them from the very first wear.

Fifth Elements Sportswear

From Sweat1000 to yoga, running, and even netball, I put these babies through the ringer and they did not disappoint! The leggings are beyond comfortable but also don’t feel too thick or bulky when worn. They’re super breathable and wick sweat away in seconds, keeping you dry and feeling fresh as a daisy (well almost) while you’re working out. And, most importantly, they’re squat-proof, so you can be sure you’re not showing off your derriere to everyone in the gym when wearing them!

My workout wardrobe is pretty comprehensive at the moment (Ok, I have a problem – I can’t stop buying cute workout clothes!) and features everything from el-cheapo MRP leggings to top of the line workout gear but my new Fifth Element leggings are by far my favourite and most comfortable of them all. They don’t slip down when you’re running, squatting, or stretching and I’ve gotten compliments for days when wearing them. I’m convinced it’s because my butt looks super good in them thanks to the ultra supportive material but it could also be because of the striking design. The Fifth Element Rustling Forest leggings I’ve been wearing feature a beautiful orange, green, and black forest print, with mesh cutout on the sides and are indeed almost too pretty to sweat in.

Fifth Elements Sportswear

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Being a fashion conscious Chika, I also believe that filling your workout wardrobe with beautiful pieces will inspire you to hit the gym more often and Fifth Element Sportswear aims to please in this area! Firstly, their range of leggings and matching sports bras is HUGE and every design is beyond stunning. Scrolling through their online store is a serious lesson in self-control because you will want every single one of their beautiful designs.

Their range offers 4 collections including the Earth collection (sportswear for all fitness training whether you are training in the gym, studio or running to stay active), Fire collection (a bold and colourful collection for men who desire to express their individuality), Water collection (includes rash guards, surf leggings, swimwear and wet suits for all water sports), and Air collection (dance apparel for ballet, barre and all other classical forms of dance).

The Fifth Element Sportswear Leggings range from R350 – R850, depending on the design and are available online from the Fifth Element Sportswear website or at their showroom in Stellenbosch. For more information email contactus@myfifthelement.co.za or say Hi to Fifth Element Sportswear on Facebook or Instagram.

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