We’ve Found an Invisible Solution to Staying Fresh & Sweat-Free


Many deal with sweating and the marks it can cause on your clothing, but the truth is, this isn’t a problem you need to put up with! Don’t worry, we get it – it’s hot down here in the Republic, and sometimes you need a little help!

Thankfully, Shower to Shower has launched its new anti-perspirant roll-on, Invisible Dry, to help keep us ladies looking and feeling fresh!

The new product boasts 48-hour protection, giving you the ease of mind that you’ll stay dry and hassle-free throughout the whole day.

Shower to Shower Invisible Dry

While the product delivers the confidence of remaining dry throughout the day, it also smells great – with a clean, simple fragrance to bring some freshness to the day!

An added bonus is that Invisible Dry features Soothex, which is a game-changing ingredient that makes the product feel smooth and irritation-free on your skin – something paramount for those with sensitive skin.

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So, if you want to eliminate that worry of sweat and marks on your clothing every day (it’s a jungle out there), then check out Shower to Shower’s Invisible Dry, priced at R15.99 and available from all leading retailers.

Check out more from Shower to Shower on their Facebook page!

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