What to Look for When Selecting a Software Developer in SA


South African companies are adopting the online approach at breakneck speeds, which is obviously fantastic for customers who are having more and more of their interactions with service providers digitally. For companies interested in getting online platforms, though, choosing a software developer that takes the right steps in working with a client is a must. So as an aspiring company itching to get their online presence going, it’s clear that hiring a South African developer is key, but what should you look out for?

It’s all in the Communication

The software development process generally involves three parties. The Customer who wants software, the Development Team that engages with the customers, and lastly the Developers that execute and create the software. The Development Team that speaks to the customers has to communicate well and understand precisely what the customer is after – and then they need to transfer that understanding efficiently to the developers. If the communication isn’t thorough and constructive, the end-product might be completely off base and not what the client wants.

They need to have a long-term approach

Coming up with the ideal software solution is going to take quite a bit of discussion and back and forth to calibrate everything so that it fits well. A good software development team understands that and will take the time to make sure all the details are noted and that things don’t get executed on unless there’s an understanding between the client and the development team. As the expression goes: it’s better to measure ten times and cut once, rather than measuring once and cutting ten times.

Managing Expectations is Key

This is important on the part of the client as well as the development team; it’s important that everyone understands the expectations of all the parties and is also reasonable with those expectations. Customers might also not understand the extent of effort to develop what they expect, and it’s important for development teams to communicate what is and isn’t possible in a given time frame to the clients in detail and in a constructive manner. Nobody wants to get disappointed with an end-product, and the best way to avoid that disappointment is for everyone involved to be on the same page regarding what the final product will look like.

Testing is Crucial and should be prepared for

A development team that understands the value and importance of testing is worth is vital, but it’s important that the development team does all the preceding work knowing the testing phase is coming. Having a detailed set of criteria that the final product must adhere to is one of the building blocks of making sure it can perform all the functions it was designed to perform. A switched on team will set this list of criteria up with the client before completion, and will then test the completed product to ensure its base functionality is sound.

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