Wine of the Month Club: Sipping on Flagstone’s Cult Favourite, Dragon Tree Cape Blend

Flagstone Dragon Tree

It’s time once again for Wine of the Month Club! I have sampled some delicious wines over the past few months and now I’m back, ready to introduce you to my favourite wine for February 2019, Flagstone Dragon Tree Cape Blend. This warm and rich ruby red wine enjoys cult status amongst red wine lovers and according to Flagstone, it’s the wine their own wine making team buys more of than any other. Enough said. Here’s why it’s my Wine of the Month Club this February.

Described by Flagstone as their underground, revolution wine, this blend has gained quite the fan base since its first release in 2000. The wine’s cult status is largely due to the tannin structure. The team earmarks specific vineyards for Dragon Tree, and they all have one thing in common — lots of stone and rock in the soil. This terroir greatly contributes to the very specific tannin feel in the Dragon Tree Cape Blend and while the wine is made up of a  blend of different varieties, the fact that they come from similar soil means they blend together like copy and paste. This also means that the tannin structure remains consistent from year to year, and explains the cult status this wine enjoys.

Wine makers don’t often like it when you describe wine as a “good food wine” but this wine is exactly that …and proud of it! The wild berry Pinotage aromas and juicy flavours in this blend turn any food and wine pairing into a taste sensation of note. Trust me, you’ll be amazed at what Dragon Tree does to food. It makes curries sparkle, sushi sing, and even duck do a jig on your tongue.

Dragon Tree is well balanced on the palate, showing fresh and crisp acidity with an explosion of fruit that leaves a lingering after taste you’ll love. The sweet and spicy undertones of rich dark fruit, cigar box and minty aroma give this wine great depth and your taste buds plenty to think about.

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The Flagstone Dragon Tree Cape Blend is available online from the Flagstone wines website at R98 per bottle.

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