World’s Leading Obstacle Course Challenge, Tough Mudder, Comes to SA!

Tough mudder

Do you have what it takes to face Tough Mudder? The world’s leading obstacle course challenge is making its way to South Africa and you’re definitely going to want to get involved in this all-out race to the finish! This will be the first time Tough Mudder has been licenced as an event on the African continent, making it the fifth out of six habitable continents where this tough-as-nails endurance challenge takes place.

After successful events in Mexico, Bali, Ireland, UAE and Australia, and with over 130 more events planned in over a dozen other countries, the inaugural Tough Mudder South Africa Event Weekend will take place on 15 – 16 September 2018 at Old Mac Daddy in Elgin.

You have just shy of a year to prepare yourself because this is not for the faint of heart! Featuring the eponymous signature challenge, the Tough Mudder obstacle course consists of over 20 obstacles and the Tough Mudder Half, an 8km course with 11 obstacles.

Promoting a healthy and adventurous lifestyle, along with camaraderie and good old-fashioned South African ‘gees’, there couldn’t be a better reason to get your team rallied up and training together for some proper outdoor fun that’s part of a global community.

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To find out more visit the Tough Mudder website

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