Your Skin Will Love Dr. Baumann Skincare [Review]

Dr Bauman Skincare

If you’re looking for a skincare range that really works then you’re going to love what I have in store for you today! I came across Dr. Baumann skincare over a month ago and have been using the products religiously since I got them. Which is quite rare for me as I’m super lazy – often I’ll skip using product at night and just remove my make-up with a Smitten followed by a spritz of facial mist. But with Dr. Baumann my skin has felt so amazing that I have actually looked forward to using the products every morning and night. Keep reading for a little bit of background on the brand and a review on a few products in the Dr. Baumann skincare range.

Founded by Dr. Henrich and Dr. Thomas Baumann in 1990, Dr. Baumann has been the go-to skincare brand for Women in Germany ever since. The brand prides itself on offering men and women a ‘special kind of beauty’ and so the range is free from preservatives, mineral oils, animal substances and perfume (apart from essentials in special products). Great care has also been taken to ensure that the brand is as environmentally friendly as possible – the founders refer to the products as ‘Bionome Skincare’ meaning that they have been developed to ensure that they are friendly to the skin, animals and the environment around you. In an effort to be more environmentally friendly the brand has also done away with additional box packing to avoid unnecessary waste.

I absolutely love their approach to skincare and the fact that each product contains specific targeted ingredients which are proven to be beneficial to the skin (in fact lots of the ingredients used are substances that occur naturally in the the skin!) There’s no unnecessary junk to make the product stretch or to follow cosmetic trends, instead there are just ingredients that create a harmony between the ingredients and your skin. This also means that the probability of allergies is minimized, making the Dr. Baumann range great for men and women who often react to product.

Dr Bauman Skincare

So now that we know the company has an incredible philosophy let’s talk about the skincare products I tried! I got to test the Dr. Baumann Cleansing Gel, BeauCaire Super Sensitive Light, BeauCaire Liposome Light, Sun Lotion SPF20, and the Dr. Baumann Pimple Cream. While I loved all the products the award for best in show must definitely go to the BeauCaire Super Sensitive Light and BeauCaire Liposome Light! Both of these products were simply incredible and I couldn’t wait to wash my face so I could use them. The BeauCaire Liposome Light added so much moisture to my skin and applying it every night made me feel like I was giving my skin a real spoil. The product contains a high percentage of liposomes as well as hyaluronic acid which helps to combat signs of aging and give the skin a more youthful, plump look.

The pimple cream is also a fabulous product and gives you a little bit of a tingly feeling when you apply it to pimples – it helps to dry out and quickly heal blemishes which I loved. I did find the sun lotion to be a little bit too watery for my liking but that’s mostly because it’s free from oil. If you hate that oily sunscreen feeling on your skin then this is a great product to try. I also got the chance to try the Chaps Cream (great for home pedis as it contains softening ingredients that treat dry, rough and chapped heels and feet) and the Hair Revitalizing Lotion (which is designed to keep both the hair and scalp healthy while also reducing hair loss and supporting hair growth). I loved both products especially the chaps cream which after a few uses made my feet feel super soft!

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The Dr. Baumann range is only available at cosmetics institutes as the brand recommends products are used under professional supervision. For more information on stockists contact

For more information on the products visit the Dr. Baumann website or say Hi to Dr. Baumann South Africa on Facebook.

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