If you’re looking to kick start a new active lifestyle, walking could be the best way to take that first step. Experts recommend about 10,000 steps as well as one brisk half-hour walk, that gets your heart rate up and burns calories, per day. But listen, we get it, trying to get your 10,000 steps in a day is a mammoth task on its own, so why not get a little help from your smartphone? Having a mobile app you can take around with you on your phone will help monitor your progress and ultimately achieve all your fitness goals. Here are 5 free walking apps to get you started on your journey to health and wellness.

1. Map My Walk by Under Armour

map my walk

This clever app by fitness brand, Under Armour, allows you to track your routes and distance, and gives you feedback after every mile. As you walk, the app uses GPS so you can view your progress in terms of distance, pace, speed and calories burnt. You can also choose to take another route that another Map My Walk user has uploaded to the app, giving you more options to explore your area.

2. Argus: Calorie Counter and Step


An all-in-one app, Argus is able to track and monitor your steps, heart rate and sleep with just your phone — no extras required! You can also do step challenges with other app users and log a food diary using the easy-to-use barcode scanner. Plus, you can stream HD workout videos if you’re lacking motivation or inspiration too!

3. Walkmeter Walking & Hiking GPS


With this nifty app, you can track a number of activities on top of walking and hiking, including cycling, running and even skiing. The basic free version allows you to track your steps and cadence using just your mobile device, and if your phone is connected to 3G or GPS, you can even view traffic maps to make sure your route isn’t too jam-packed.

4. StepsApp Pedometer


When it comes to fitness apps, sometimes simple is best. This user-friendly app, StepsApp Pedometer, tracks your steps by using your phone or Apple Watch. You’ll also get an overview of your steps on a daily basis as well as distance, time, floors climbed and active calories. StepsApp Pedometer also allows you to import and synchronise your data to the Apple Health app – bonus!

5. Fitbit


If you’re a fan of Fitbit, this one’s for you. This original smart step tracker app is able to track your steps, sleep and other activity using your Fitbit device and phone. You can also log your food diary, set and manage goals, and connect with fellow fit friends if you’re a bit of a social butterfly!

What are you waiting for? Get tracking!

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