5 Reasons to Travel with a Hard-shell Suitcase


If you’re a regular traveller you’ll know that one of the most important decisions you can make as a new-aged vagabond is picking the right suitcase. Whether you’re travelling a short distance in your own country or are heading overseas, a hard-shell suitcase could prove to be your very best friend in terms of making your travels just a little bit easier and keeping your stuff safe. In fact, hard-shell is becoming such a popular suitcase choice that even brands like Thule are joining the fan club. The Swedish brand is known for its dedication to functionality, durability and intuitive ease of use and its diverse product offering features everything from car racks and bike trailers to everyday backpacks and camera bags. And, while their luggage collection is extensive, they’ve never ventured into hard-shell luggage…until now. Want to know why? Here are just 5 reasons to travel with a hard-shell suitcase:


There’s no question, hard-shell suitcases reduce the chances of theft. Unlike with soft-shell cases, there is no risk of case slitting or anyone adding something to external pockets of your luggage without your knowledge.


Hate lugging a heavy suitcase around? Polycarbonate luggage is lighter than plastic or aluminium cases, and can be even lighter than some soft luggage. It offers the added benefit of a rigid frame and (usually) four wheels, which means navigating a busy airport is much easier, plus better for your back.

Thules hardside global carry-on is impact resistant and easily navigates over any terrain.


The resilience of hard-shell suitcases offers better impact resistance during the rigours of travelling — your precious cargo inside your suitcase should stay relatively unharmed if your case is dropped or thrown onto hard surfaces (this is particularly important for fragile or valuable items).


Hard-shell suitcases are much easier to keep dry in rain, snow or puddles and provide better protection against general spills and accidents.


Most hard-shell suitcases feature a 50/50 split opening, where you pack two sides equally and stabilise the contents with a middle divider or strap; this allows for minimal rifling through your bag, as you can pack similar items together. What’s more, hard-shell works fabulously if you’re looking for a carry-on bag that isn’t going to surprise you at the security check. Because it’s impossible to over-stuff it, it will always fit neatly in the overhead compartment and rarely be overweight.

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Keep rolling with Thule Revolve

It’s first ever hard shell luggage collection, Thule’s new Revolve comes in four spacious sizes (Global Carry-On 55cm, Wide-body Carry-On 55cm, as well as 68cm Luggage and 75cm Luggage) and three stylish colours (Black, Blackest Blue and Raven Grey) and is perfect for the frequent traveller. This exciting new range places a big focus on durability and ease of use and features maximized packing space for effortless travel. The exclusive Thule designed 8-wheel system allows for easy navigation on any surface, while a telescoping handle helps to minimise sway and efficiently transfer power to the wheels. If you’re concerned about security this case will no doubt squash your worries at it offers TSA locks and puncture-resistant zippers backed by a solid inner frame.

The Thule Revolve range will be hitting stores in February 2019. For more information visit the Thule website

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