5 Trainers’ Tips to Prepare You for The F45 Challenge

F45 Woodstock

You’ve probably overheard your colleagues talking about it, seen the unbelievable before-and-after pictures on Instagram, or have a fitness-obsessed friend who is always trying to convince you to sign up — but what is the F45 Challenge?

F45 Training runs multiple 8-Week and 6-Week Challenges each year, providing members with meal plans, recipes, and lifestyle blogs to help them get the best results. Of course, the hardest part of any fat loss or fitness transformation journey is maintaining the results, and the F45 Challenge also offers an easy maintenance program with healthy, delicious meals to support members every step of the way in their new healthy lifestyle. Get the full low-down on the F45 Challenge by reading our review here.

Where to do the F45 Challenge

F45 Woodstock

Another key component to achieving success in the F45 Challenge is the studio and the crew around you. For those in Cape Town, you can’t go wrong with F45 Training Woodstock. This unique gym is one of two F45 studios in central Cape Town and prides itself on its welcoming and inclusive environment created by a dedicated team of trainers. Unlike a lot of other gyms and exercise studios, F45 Woodstock isn’t intimidating, but rather welcoming to newbies and regulars who can feel like they are among friends while working out. Whether you’re converting from a big traditional gym or haven’t worn running shoes in 3 years, you will feel right at home.

The team at F45 Training Woodstock are ready to help you tackle the F45 Challenge and help you achieve your personal fitness goals with the encouragement and expert knowledge you need to smash the Challenge and emerge a better, fitter version of yourself. Once you sign up for the challenge you’ll get the support of an assigned F45 trainer throughout the challenge period who will be just a Whatsapp message away should you have questions about meals, substitutions, and even just a pat on the back. You’ll feel supported every step of the way, which makes all the difference, especially when you’re battling to follow the meal plan or need to know what to eat when you’re out at a restaurant with friends.

F45 Woodstock

The trainers at the studio are friendly, encouraging and make you feel like you’re part of a team. It’s their encouragement in every session that helps you work hard, push yourself and achieve your goals no matter your fitness level starting out. They never push you beyond your capabilities and always take the time to talk to you about how you’re getting along, or make sure you get a socially-distanced high-five at the end of a tough class.

Top tips from F45 Woodstock trainers

If you’re still a little unsure of tackling your first F45 Challenge, then these trainer-approved tips from the team at F45 Training Woodstock should help give you a little more confidence. We spoke to trainers Jay, Jared, Mandy, Tristan, and Jess about their best tips for tackling the F45 Challenge head-on:

F45 Woodstock

  1. Maximise your training days
    Following the meal plan is one thing, but signing up to train at F45 Woodstock means you’ll be transforming your body through good nutrition as well as exercise. Make sure you maximise your training days by giving it your all during every F45 session. Keep yourself accountable by teaming up with a challenge buddy to keep your head in the game during your training sessions and to have someone to check in with throughout the challenge period.
  2. Listen to your body.
    It’s important to listen to your body throughout the challenge. Especially if the exercises you’re doing are new to you, or you’ve been off the wagon for a while. If you’re feeling like you’ve been overdoing it, then give your body time to rest and focus on recovery. This could mean going a bit lighter on the weights in your training sessions, or taking a day off from the gym to concentrate on recovery through mobility and stretching. Sleep is another key aspect of rest and recovery. There is an increased risk of injury with less than the recommended 7-8hrs of sleep for adults. Sleep is something you cannot compromise due to early morning sessions. So, make sure you set your alarm to go to bed, as well as to wake up to get in those quality sleep hours.F45 Woodstock
  3. Don’t forget to stretch
    Speaking of recovery. Get into a habit of setting aside at least 10 to 15 minutes each day to focus on mobility and stretching. When we exercise, we induce wear and tear on muscles. This is a natural part of the training process, but can also lead to muscle soreness. Without stretching and mobility, tight muscles can limit our range of motion while we train, leading to muscle imbalances and an increased risk of injury. No time to stretch? Make the time to stick around after class for a quick stretch with your F45 Woodstock trainers.
  4. Plan ahead.
    The key to success in the F45 Challenge is to plan ahead. Plan your classes and meals each week to keep yourself accountable and set your intention for the days ahead. Plan your classes by booking your sessions for each week on a Sunday evening, this will help ensure you stay committed to attending regular classes without giving yourself an out. Taking the time to plan and prepare your meals in batches each week will make it easier to stick to the meal plan and prioritise healthy options. Knowing your meals and snacks are within arm’s reach will make it less tempting to reach for a quick, less nutritious option!
  5. Make use of the F45 Challenge app.
    It’s got all the information you need and is an awesome resource. Whether you’re needing some extra motivation for the week or want to know more about nutrition, workout tips, and more, it’s all on the app. While the trainers at F45 Woodstock are your go-to resource in person, the Challenge app is available 24/7 and acts as a trainer in your pocket when you need a quick resource or need a little extra motivation. It’s also a great place to track your progress and log your efforts throughout the Challenge period.

F45 Woodstock

Sign up for the F45 Challenge now

There are two challenges left for 2022 including the upcoming 6-Week Challenge taking place from 22 August – 1 October 2022 and an 8-Week Challenge taking place from 24 October – 17 December 2022.

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Want to know more? Read our full review of the F45 Challenge here.

If you would like to try it out before signing up for the challenge, then F45 Woodstock offers free trial periods for Cape Town residents who are interested in trying classes.

For more information about the upcoming challenge, email woodstock.admin@F45training.co.za or visit the website here for membership prices. 


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