This Is Officially The Best Gatsby in Cape Town!

Best Gatsby in Cape Town

The feud is finally over! If you’ve ever argued with your mates about where to find THE best Gatsby in Cape Town then you need to keep reading because you’re about to find out who was right and who has to eat their words. That’s right, thanks to some rather passionate local guys the question of where to find the best gatsby has finally been answered. Local YouTube show, BekSex (yes that is the real name of the show) conducted a pretty thorough test of the best Gatsby spots in Cape Town recently and filmed the whole the thing to finally answer the age-old question.

Before heading out, the group asked their viewers to participate in a survey about where they thought they could find the best Gatsby in Cape Town. They then narrowed the list down to three spots and hit the streets. They started their journey at the home of the Gatsby, Super Fisheries in Athlone. Word on the street is that Super Fisheries is where the Gatsby was first invented and the BekSex guys spoke to the owner of the spot who invented the mega sandwich back in 1976!

Best Gatsby in Cape Town
A delicious Gatsby from Cosy Corner.

From there it was on to sample a Gatsby from Cosy Corner (Wynberg), Ottery Farmstall (Ottery) and Golden Dish (Gatesville). They got a giant full house Gatsby at each spot and rated each sarmie according to some very strict criteria. So what was the result?

After some rather rigorous testing it was decided that the very best Gatsby in Cape Town can be found at the oh-so-awesome Cosy Corner in Wynberg! The spot takes the Gatsby very seriously and is hell-bent on being known as the home of the Gatsby in Cape Town. This unique eatery is also a must-visit for diners who want to sit down and enjoy their mouthful in comfort. With booth-style seating and great special offers on their Gatsby every Friday there’s no reason not to visit them this weekend!

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To see what BekSex thought of each spot they visited and why they voted Cosy Corner’s Gatsby as the very best Gatsby in Cape Town, watch the full video here: 

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