Body Kind Sports Bra Review: SA’s First & Only Adjustable Sports Bra

Lisa Raleigh Body Kind Sports Bra

Late last year, South African fitness guru, Lisa Raleigh took one giant leap for womankind with an innovative piece of fitness gear that is sure to change lives. If you’ve ever struggled to find the perfect size in a sports bra, then listen up because South Africa’s first and only adjustable sports bra is here, and it’s promising the perfect fit no matter your size. Designed to be fully adjustable to individual body shape, the Body Kind Sports Bra is what sports and fitness fanatics have been waiting for. But, does it live up to the hype? I spent a few weeks with the Body Kind Sports Bra to see if it makes the cut.

Bras are one of the most frequently discussed items of clothing on every woman’s journey through different stages of life, and especially on their fitness and weight loss journeys. Shopping for a sports bra is not an easy task, even if you fall into the ‘traditional’ sizing categories, somehow you’re always left wanting more out of a sports bra. But the Body Kind Sports Bra aims to change all that and promises to be the ultimate in sports and casual comfort for women of all ages and sizes.

Lisa Raleigh Body Kind Sports Bra

At last, a sports bra that fits

Proudly curated, tested and personalised by Lisa Raleigh herself, this one-of-a-kind sports bra aims to provide relief from the breast discomfort linked to rigorous exercise while helping to prevent back and neck aches often associated with poor support. The bra is the latest addition to Lisa’s popular Body Kind Athleisure range, is soft to the touch and features three key adjustable straps to help offer perfect support when you need it most.

The bra features an innovative hook and eye lacing system on each shoulder strap as well as the chest strap to allow for the bra to be fitted to your shape around the chest and back as well as provide the best support for your cup size. So whether you’re experiencing the joys of retaining water, breast sensitivity during your menstrual cycle, or just struggle to find a sports bra that fits well, you can find the perfect fit with the Body Kind Sports Bra.

Lisa Raleigh Body Kind Sports Bra

If you’ve never been able to find a sports bra that can fit well and do it all, then you’ll adore this offering from Lisa Raleigh. We’ve gotten used to having to invest in different styles of sports bras for different activities, but whether it’s yoga, running, HIIT, or a hike, the Body Kind Sports Bra has got you covered. Thanks to the adjustable straps, the bra can be fitted to provide just the right amount of support you need for any activity. Strap those babies in for a high-intensity session, or let them breathe a little for a low-intensity yoga class or an easy hike.

The bra is available in eight different sizes, from small (S) to 5 x extra-large (5XL) – delivering comfort to women of all shapes. A comprehensive sizing guide allows women to find the perfect fit, in just minutes. I tried the sizing guide on the Lisa Raleigh website and after checking a few measurements, was able to find the ideal size for me based on the recommended fit.

The high impact bra shrinks or expands with you throughout any age, stage and change of life, and is made from durable, sweat-wicking material that is designed to last and keep you feeling comfortable throughout your session. The bra features a front zip, so it’s easy to put on and take off, even after the sweatiest exercise session. Plus, it’s available in four stunning colours, including Onyx, Powdered sage, Copper Dust, and Khaki.

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Tried and tested

I put the Body Kind Sports Bra to the test over a few weeks; wearing it to intense cardio sessions, road runs, yoga classes, and resistance training, and it passed the test every time. It is by far the most comfortable sports bra I have ever worn, and it looks great too! There is almost no movement when you’re strapped into this bra during high-impact sessions, yet it feels so soft against the skin you forget it’s there. Whether I was taking on a burpee pyramid, attempting box jumps, or sprinting across the track, this bra kept everything in place with no rubbing, chaffing, or movement.

Lisa Raleigh Body Kind Sports Bra

Adjusting the straps to find your perfect fit is super easy and there’s no learning curve with this bra, you simply adjust and go. The full coverage sports bra can be worn as a crop top on its own or under your favourite workout tee or tank top. It’s so comfortable I’ve even taken to wearing it when I’m running errands, and now I want one in every colour!

At a price of R999 per bra, this unique sports bra is worth every penny and while it may seem like a hefty price tag, it’s actually more affordable than a high impact sports bra from many of the well-known sports brands available in South Africa. If you’re serious about your fitness journey and want a bra that will keep up with you no matter what activity you’re doing, then the Body Kind Sports Bra is definitely an investment you won’t regret.

Buy yours online now from the Lisa Raleigh online store.

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