Dunkin Donuts Cape Town Prices, Further Locations & Launch Dates Revealed!

Dunkin' Donuts cape Town

Earlier this year Grand Foods confirmed that South Africa’s first Dunkin’ Donuts eatery would open in Cape Town at the end of October 2016. But, in a rather exciting new twist, Dunkin’ Donuts South Africa decided to give South Africans the power to determine its launch date, bringing us delicious Dunkin’ Donut treats just a little bit sooner than we thought. After a 10-day campaign the Dunkin’ Donuts Cape Town launch date and location was finally confirmed for Thursday 13 October in Goodwood. Since then, Dunkin Donuts South Africa have announced four more stores in Cape Town – here are the details on the Dunkin Donuts SA launch as well as the new store openings.

After huge success with their first Cape Town store at N1 City Dunkin Donuts South Africa have announced that they will open a further four stores at Canal Walk, Long Street, Tygervalley, and Kenilworth Centre in Cape Town. As for dates of these new stores, rumour has it that they will all be open before the end of the year! Commenting on their Facebook page, Dunkin Donuts South Africa have already confirmed dates for the Canal Walk launch Friday 4 November (visit them at Shop 89 for your fix) and the Kenilworth Centre branch as the end of November 2016. No dates for Long Street and Tygervalley have been confirmed as yet but a little birdy told us we can expect them to open their doors before December 2016.

Dunkin Donuts SA

The first ever Dunkin Donuts South Africa opened its doors next to N1 City Hospital on the corner of Frans Conradie Drive and Joe Simon Street, Goodwood, Cape Town. The WomenStuff team popped down to the first ever South African Dunkin’ Donuts for a sneak peek at the menu. We got the chance to try the doughnuts, drinks, and even some savoury options. First and foremost, let’s talk about the doughnuts. Dunkin’ Donuts launched with a whopping 28 different doughnut flavours in South Africa including delights like Rocky Road, Caramel, Chocolate Sprinkles, Choc ‘n Choc, and the much-loved, Boston Kreme. The doughnuts are priced at R14 each, R70 for a half-dozen, and R125 for a dozen. I tried the Rocky Road, Original Glazed, and Chocolate Ring  doughnuts and was delighted with the flavours and taste of all three (although Original Glazed was my favourite).

Dunkin' Donuts cape Town

And, how do the Dunkin’ Donuts treats measure up to Krispy Kreme? The truth is these are two very different types of doughnuts. Krispy Kreme offers a slightly smaller and lighter doughnut designed to melt in your mouth. While Dunkin’ Donuts offers a more traditional type of doughnut that we are used to here in South Africa. They’re thicker and much larger. I prefer Krispy Kreme to Dunkin’ Donuts but the boyfriend voted for Dunkin’ Donuts over the KK variety so it really comes down to personal preference.

Dunkin' Donuts cape Town

I also tried a savoury option on the menu and since it was breakfast time decided to go for a classic Breakfast Croissant filled with scrambled egg and mayo (R25). While I wasn’t blown away by the croissant it was a good breakfast pick-me-up and I can definitely see myself ordering it along with a chai latte on-the-go whenever I need a quick breakfast. Other savoury options include a variety of filled bagels (starting at R15), wraps (starting at R30), sandwiches (R38), and muffins (R22).

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The drinks menu is also real highlight at this spot with their famous ‘drip coffee’ (or filter coffee – R12 for a small) taking pride of place. Dunkin’ Donuts is famous for its “drip coffee” – in fact, fans love it so much they sell 60 cups a second worldwide! On the drinks menu, you’ll also find loads of expresso-based coffees as well as chai lattes (R22 for a small | R35 for a large) and various flavours of tea. The chai latte was a real winner for me – I’m a massive chai latte addict and the Dunkin’ Donuts offering was tops. You can also add various syrup flavours to your hot drinks including vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut (R4 each).

Dunkin' Donuts cape Town
A breakfast croissant and chai latte.

The cold beverages are a must-try for summer. I sampled a strawberry Fruit Coolatta (R30 for a medium) and absolutely adored it. This icy cold drink is sweet and super refreshing – an ideal treat on a hot day. If fruit-based drinks aren’t your thing then try an Iced Original Coffee (R26 for a medium), Iced Latte (R30 for a medium), Iced Tea (R20 for a medium), or a Frozen Dunkachino (an indulgent dark chocolate & caramel treat – R26 for a medium).

For more information coffee and doughnut lovers can sign up to the Dunkin’ Donuts daily newsflash here or follow say Hi to Dunkin’ Donuts South Africa on Facebook or Twitter.

**This article was updated on Monday, 31 October 2016.**
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